Friday, July 29, 2011

"Elvis Costello At The Hi-Tone" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I have a long story, with lots of twists and turns, comedy and tragedy, food poisoning and airplane trouble, bus crashes and robbery. (Well, I feel like I was robbed.) What I'm giving you here is the final product; an audio rip of the "Elvis Costello & The Imposters: Live from The Hi-Tone Cafe" DVD.

And so it goes....

I was invited to Memphis by a semi-regular customer and major label connection of my old retail haunt. I always enjoyed talking shop with him, but I found his generosity to be a tad uncomfortable at times, with concert tickets, rare videos and vinyl, and just about anything he had that I seemed to take an interest in, offered my way. I honestly don't think he was anything but kind, but still, I refused all of it, except the following.

The invite was to not only attend, as a guest, a private show in a small club by Elvis Costello with special guest Emmylou Harris which was being filmed by the friend of this friend, but to also "work" with some people at Sun Studios, where my "expertise" was needed to sift through archives that would help in the completion of a documentary he was making about Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana. (Elvis Presley's rhythm section.) I couldn't say no. Hell, how many times have you been asked for YOUR expertise?

I was promised amazing BBQ and amazing music. And THAT...was enough.

My stub:

Over a 28 hour span, I made it to Memphis and back, spent a total of $1200* in airfare and accomodations, none of which was ever paid back, had to wait on a line for 2 hours and then pay to see Elvis---only the first set---was left alone to eat BBQ because my friend came down with food poisoning**, was told there was "no room in the car to Sun Studios" and that I would get "picked up later for dinner***," got into an accident on the bus to the airport home, hit some turbulence on the way back to NYC that was so bad, the frightened woman next to me, who weighed 600 pounds if she weighed a pound and sat in two and two thirds of the three seats in my row, (God bless her), dug her giant Nick Buoniconti hands into my thigh that was already mostly crushed and covered by her overlap, so deep, for days after my leg looked as if I was mauled by an ocelot.

Good times.

If anyone owns the DVD, you will see me a number of times. I am wearing a James Booker t-shirt, pressed again the front of the stage, gasping for air, wiping my brow, and looking quite miserable.


It's a fantastic show.

(Some of the songs were bonus tracks, so I tried my best to insert them at the appropriate places in the set. But, seeing as how I had a neo-stroke that evening, I won't vouch for my memory.)

Waiting For The End Of The World
Radio Radio
Mystery Dance
Blue Chair
Button Your Lip
Country Darkness
Blame It On Cain
Either Side Of The Same Town
High Fidelity
The Judgement
Monkey To Man
The Monkey (Speaks His Mind)

(enter Emmylou)

I Still Miss Someone
Heart-Shaped Bruise
My Baby's Gone
Sleepless Nights

(exit Emmylou)

The Delivery Man
Hidden Charms
There's A Story In Your Voice
Alison/Suspicious Minds
Peace, Love & Understanding
Pump It Up


*I changed my flight once I found out I was abandoned by all involved. Penalties suck.

**It turned out that it wasn't food poisoning, but something far more serious. I found out just recently from one of those friends of that friend, that he overcame his illness, but apparently had fucked over a few other people, as well.

***This dinner was also supposed to include DJ Fontana and Jim Dickinson. (Never happened.)


soundsource said...

it's twue it's really twue (said in my best Llily Marlene accent, MB reference), if you watch the video you can see Mr. Wood in the audience. Personally I always felt he should have at least been nominated for a golden globe in a best supporting audience member role.

word verification side bar: Is readiate some kind of weird sci fi futuristic word or just random letters, talk among yourselves.

iggy said...


Thanks my friend,


Les said...

Wow. I thought my "invite you to an awesome event but turns out horribly" story was bad. That's a whole new echelon of fucked up!

word verification: shility
I think they're using the Snoop Dogg dictionary

Big Jim Slade said...

Your friend reminds me of a friend of mine, except on rocket fuel.

pattirules said...

ain't life grand Sal?

JB said...

Out in TV-ville this show goes by the title "Club Date".

As I recall it looked like a sweaty, happy crowd... onstage and off. Gotta go back and look at my home-burned DVD so I can spot our gracious host.

(love that last post/thread, by the way)

steves said...

Look at this way, you went through hell, but came back with (another) great story.

Sounds to me like your former customer was more of a compulsive liar than a fuckwad. I knew someone like that years ago...he promised me an interview for a job Rolling Stone, claimed he aleady spoke to his contact about me, said it was in the bag, yadda, yadda...I was inches away from tendering my resignation at my then-current job when the spider senses kicked in and I decided to call the mag and speak to his buddy there: There was no such person on staff and never had been.

steve simels said...

Wow, Sal-- apart from the music thats positively Dickensian.

tinpot said...

Will feel guilty DLing this, I don't feel I suffered enough to deserve it. Thank you.

wardo said...

Wow. I drove from Chicago to Memphis and back in about 30 hours to see the SECOND show. (I'm the guy on the DVD yelling "Hooray" when he talks about the cheap guitar he bought, and I can be seen banging on the wall during "What's So Funny 'Bout PL&U").

A walk in the woods said...

Hilarious, hilarious... can't wait to hear what you sweated it out for.

Juby said...

Wow! Sometimes it's not easy being you! Thanks for your writing and the recording. I really appreciate all of your good work. Keeps me halfway sane.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this. I frickin' love that DVD and have been wanting an audio rip for a long time. Such an energetic, awesome performance-- how trippy is that "Button My Lip" jam?!