Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 5/11-5/17

Rockin' Behind The Iron Curtain- Bobby Marchan
When These Shoes Were New- Billy Bremner
King's Call- Phil Lynott
What's The World Got In Store- Wilco
Outbreak Of Love- Midnight Oil
Here Come The Girls- Ernie K. Doe
My Home Is Not A House- Jason Falkner


I finished reading Jeff Tweedy's book, and of course, I had been listening to Uncle Tupelo and Wilco on an off during the entire read. The track here is the one that made it to the SOTD.

I recently came across Billy Bremner's solo record "Bash." I always liked it, but I just discovered I really love it.

The other tracks were all random plays from the trusty iPod, over the course of two train rides.

Friday, May 17, 2019


With a new album set for 6/14, as well as a rumored E Street Band record and tour to follow, there is no better time than now to serve this baby up. I don't recall where or how I acquired all of this, but what we have here is the work of an anonymous overseas philanthropist who found the time to track down every song played on the 2006 "Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions Band" and sequence them all into a remarkable 5 disc set. It is not chronological, and from what I can tell, does not follow any specific set list. It was clearly made with love from a number of sources and venues.


Disc One

Atlantic City
Mary Don't You Weep
Old Dan Tucker
John Henry
Cadillac Ranch
Jesse James
Eyes On The Prize
Further Up (On The Road)
Long Black Veil
Love Of The Common People
My Oklahoma Home
Mrs. McGrath

Disc Two

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times
Jacob's Ladder
We Shall Overcome
Open All Night
Pay Me My Money Down
Bring Them Home (full band)
Rag Mama Rag
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
When The Saints Go Marching In
This Little Light Of Mine
American Land

Disc Three

Blinded By The Light
Johnny 99
My Oklahoma Home (#2)
If I Should Fall Behind
Maria's Bed
How Can I Keep From Singing
Long Time Coming
Devils & Dust
Long Walk Home
Dirty Water
Buffalo Gals

Disc Four

Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street
For You
Adam Raised A Cain
All The Way Home
Erie Canal
Samson & Delilah
The River
Growing Up
Mansion On The Hill
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
The Promised Land
Land Of Hopes & Dreams
My City Of Ruins
Froggie Went A Courtin'

Disc Five

Bring Them Home (Acoustic)
Highway Patrolman
John Henry #2
Bobby Jean
Jesus Was An Only Son
Into the Fire
Open All Night #2
Turn Turn Turn
Buffalo Gals #2
Daring Young Men On The Flying Trapeze
Bring Them Home (Studio)






Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bad Kitty Music #11: Albert King- Otis Rush

ALBERT KING / OTIS RUSH - DOOR TO DOOR 1969. Though both of these blues giants have deep and highly influential catalogs, neither really had all that much to do with Chicago’s iconic Chess label. Albert’s work for King and Stax is better known, as is Otis’ with Cobra and Delmark. But these loose sides (Albert’s from the newly purchased Parrot label masters, and Otis’ from a brief fling with Chess, recutting some of his Cobra sides) are mighty nonetheless. Released in 1969, they were originally recorded from 1953-1961. As to why they are both shoehorned onto the same LP, who knows? Maybe it was Left-Handed Day at Chess. If you prefer the sinister hand of the devil, you may want to mount your unholy steed and ride to the Record Festival Part Deux at Counterweight Brewing on Sunday the 19th, and grab this LP with your trembling fingers. By which I mean the left ones, of course.

-John G.

Bad Kitty Music #10: Uriah Heep

Bad Kitty Music #9: George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Bad Kitty Music #8: Bob(by) Darin

Bad Kitty Music #7: Todd Rundgren

Bad Kitty Music #6: The Rockets

Bad Kitty Music #5: Rush

Bad Kitty Music #4: Dr. John

Bad Kitty Music #3: Terry Reid

Bad Kitty Music #2: Roy Buchanan

Bad Kitty Music #1:  Bobby "Blue"Bland

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Rag Mama Rag

My friend Geoff Hoover:

"...unloved by many of his fair weather fans, to me, one his greatest accomplishments - reconnecting our hidden American musical DNA with our conscious present. Some of the most joyous music ever "laid to wax." There is talk about a possible E Street Band tour and album coming in the next year, and that's great. But a return of the Seeger Sessions band? That would be truly special."

I couldn't agree more. 

Every new Bruce record brings on the excitement (and if you live in NYC, the anxiety) of a new tour. Tickets will be impossible in New York and New Jersey, but easy-peasy just about everywhere else in the USA. But in 2006, when "The Seeger Sessions" was released and the tour was announced, I had no problem getting tickets. The night of the performance, I sat in mild shock at an 85% full Madison Square Garden. Why wasn't the entire world thrilled by the music on this record? This tour should have been record breaking. At the end of each song, I stood up and cheered emphatically, and then followed it with "I can't believe this place isn't full." It was involuntarily. The joy of the music managed to raise my body off the ground, and then as if I was being controlled by some higher power, said aloud, after each and every song, "I can't believe this place isn't full."

Geoff and I briefly discussed the beauty of "The Seeger Sessions" last night and I brought up this song, which was only played at a handful of shows during the tour. The video is a B+, but the audio and performance is hall of fame worthy.


Monday, May 13, 2019


My love for Giuda might wear off sooner than later, but for now, I am absolutely loving their new album, "E.V.A." It is their fourth overall, but the first for me. Every track is infectious, in a glammy Sweet meets riffy Judas Priest on the Autobahn with Kraftwerk kind of way. And they're Italian, of course.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 5/4-5/10

Sunrise- Eric Carmen
Never Know- The Lemon Twigs
Blessed- Wycliffe Gordon
Little Bit Of Love- Free
Lights Out- Jerry Byrne
Try & Stop Me- The Creation
By This River- Brian Eno


Sunrise- Eric Carmen
The first song off of his first solo album and what an amazing debut away from the Raspberries it was. The false ending still gives me chills.

Never Know- The Lemon Twigs
I know there are lovers and haters of this band, but their last record still has legs for me, especially this track.

Blessed- Wycliffe Gordon
I first heard trombonist Wycliffe Gordon in New Orleans and I became a fan immediately. This song is a simple beauty and it features Gordon on piano.

Little Bit Of Love- Free
One of those random songs that popped up in my head.

Lights Out- Jerry Byrne
This is here courtesy of the iPod shuffle. It was the first time I had heard it and it knocked me out. It's Little Richard on Red Bull.

Try & Stop Me- The Creation
Many know "Making Time." This is the B Side.

By This River- Brian Eno
A fine way to close things out.