Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Listen To Tim Christensen

I've written about Tim Christensen before, but as I listen to the "Secrets On Parade" record, I had to put this out there yet again. Get on board with this guy! Masterful songwriting and record making. He isn't called "The Danish McCartney" for nothing!

Actually, don't quote me on that.

Feeling Bratty?

Every "lost" record is a "classic," except "Sick On You" really is! Recorded in 1972-73, barely released in '75, The Hollywood Brats sound like a slightly more accomplished New York Dolls, playing proto-punk and glam, like a cross between Ziggy-era Bowie and all the fast songs on late 70's Stones records. They cover The Crystals four years before Kiss did and there is also a nasty version of The Kinks "I Need You."Just played this baby loud and wanted to share.

And if you believe the back cover, Keith Moon says, "The greatest band I have ever seen!"

(Maybe just listen to me.)

Redd Krosses

With all that's been going on, it's been difficult to get a hold on releases, new or reissued, as dates keep changing, or in some cases, cancelled altogether. One particularly slow day last week, I scrolled through over 100 pages of Amazon pre-orders, trying to catch up on what was coming. (I actually did the same thing a few weeks ago, as well, and that was when I found the Irma Thomas I posted yesterday.)

This week's discoveries are two Redd Kross records on the Third Man label, that were quietly dropped the first week of May. (Okay, maybe it wasn't really quiet, but I sure didn't hear about it. )

1993's "Phaseshifter" and my personal fave, 1997's "Show World," both get very nice vinyl pressings, with clean mastering and first class packaging. "Show World" has never had a vinyl release in the U.S., so this is particularly good news for me.

If these interest you, you can click here for more info.

"Show World" has been killing me since its initial release in 1997, specifically the track "Mess Around."

True Story:
The "Show World" CD was playing at my shop one busy Saturday afternoon, at an ungodly volume, and I got a bit lost in the aforementioned track, "Mess Around." I had been playing a bit of air guitar and singing the harmony about as loud as the CD itself and failed to notice these three kids, maybe 14 or 15 years old, waiting to check out with some CDs in hand. I remember one kid vividly, as he was Brian Jones' twin.  I caught myself and laughed, "Oops. Sorry. " And the Brian Jones kid said, "You're a dick!" His friends laughed, they all dropped their CDs on the counter and walked out.

And's "Mess Around" by Redd Kross.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Irma Thomas' Modern Classic "After The Rain" Debuts On Double Vinyl

July 10th is the tentative release date for the vinyl debut of one of my very favorite records of all time, Irma Thomas' "After The Rain." Recorded just months after Katrina turned that part of the world upside down,"After The Rain" features New Orleans royalty backing the Soul Queen, including the great Stanton Moore on drums, both David Torkanowksy and James Singleton from the city's premier jazz quartet Astral Project, on piano and bass respectively, and Sonny Landreth on guitar.

It wouldn't be a stretch to call "After The Rain" a concept album. From the opener, "In The Middle Of It All," to a low-key cover of the Pomus-Shuman classic "I Count The Tears," to the closer, a reading of Stevie Wonder's "Shelter In The Rain," Miss Irma and friends take you through a devastating experience as only New Orleanians can, with music that is both heartbreaking and uplifting,

Craft Recordings is handling the release which makes me very happy, as some of their previous reissues have been stellar, including the recent Staple Singers boxed set. "After The Rain" will be spread over two LPs and if any of you are vinyl enthusiasts, here is the pre-order link.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Great Days

I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. The details are not important. I'm sure we have all had a bad day or two in the last three months. I tried turning it into what I hoped would be an amusing rant and actually posted it last night in haste. A few of you may have seen it, if you just happened to be at the wrong place at the right time.  My apologies. As I lay stewing over a great number of things, I decided to revert the rant back to draft just minutes later. I thought sharing it would make me feel better. But alas, I felt worse. After a not so good night's sleep, I realized that the major source of my anxiety was something that could be easily eradicated. And so, with a few key strokes, I removed myself from the holy hell of all that is not real, Facebook. Talk about a pandemic! Want to see germs spread faster than a pool party in the Ozarks? Scroll through your friends Facebook feeds for a few minutes.

There. A mini rant after all. I feel better.

So how about some music?

Here is a terrific McCartney cut from his terrific "Flaming Pie" record. Below, is the Brad Mehldau Trio, from their terrific record, "Seymour Reads The Constitution," with their version of the same song, "Great Day."

FYI- that Mehldau record is the best thing he's done since 2002's "Largo." The trio also covers the Beach Boys "Friends," as well as a few standards and some Mehldau originals. It's a truly wonderful collection.

Have a great day everyone...if you can.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Songs Of The Week, 2020: 5/16-5/22

Might Just Take Your Life- Deep Purple
We're Gonna Groove- Led Zeppelin
I Laugh In Your Face- Bee Gees
Birmingham Blues- ELO
Waterfalls- Paul McCartney
Lisa Says- Lou Reed
Chicken Wired- Ronnie Lane


Might Just Take Your Life- Deep Purple
The first single from the last truly great Deep Purple record, 1974's "Burn."

We're Gonna Groove- Led Zeppelin
Recorded during the LZ I sessions and shelved until 1982's "Coda." A killer groove, and a typical Zep appropriation. Check out Ben E. King's original "Groovin'," if you don't know it.

I Laugh In Your Face- Bee Gees
Listened to all four sides of "Odessa" last week and loved it so much more than I remembered, especially this track.

Birmingham Blues- ELO
Interesting iPod occurrence- this track played, followed by another ELO instrumental that I did not immediately place. Turned out to be "Supertzar" by Black Sabbath and not ELO, but I found it interesting that both bands were from Birmingham, and though worlds apart musically, these songs sounded like they belonged together. (Hey, it takes little to amuse me these days.)

Waterfalls- Paul McCartney
Listened to all of "McCartney II" this week and like the Bee Gees "Odessa," it also sounded so much better than I'd remembered.

Lisa Says- Lou Reed
I don't know why this record gets a bad rap. I was reading a thread about how terrible the sound on the vinyl isn't...and how the versions of the VU demos were inferior...they aren't. Plus, Steve Howe on guitar!

Chicken Wired- Ronnie Lane
A rowdy little number to tie things up from the great Ronnie Lane.

Friday, May 22, 2020

"G": The Weekend Mix

Golden Road- The Grateful Dead
Green Onions- Booker T. & The MGs
Girl Of My Dreams- Bram Tchaikovsky
Girl Talk- Billy May
Get To This- Los Lobos
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind- Mr. Big
Get On Up- The Esquires
Girl U Want- Robert Palmer
Garden Party- Rick Nelson
Ghosts- Martin Briley
Girlfriend- Harry Nilsson
Goodbye (Demo)- Paul McCartney
Girls In Their Summer Clothes- Bruce Springsteen
God Bless The Girl- David Bowie
Goodnight Sweet Josephine- The Yardbirds
Go Now- Bessie Banks
The Greatest Love- Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint
Gentle On My Mind- Lucinda Williams
Ghost On The Canvas- Glen Campbell
Gold- Prince
God Save The Queen- Queen