Thursday, February 2, 2023

Too Old To Rock And Roll, Or Just Too Poor



There were nine of us on the thread, all buddies from Sheepshead Bay from as far back as the early 70's. Angel, the heavy metal glamsters with the infamous Punky Meadows on guitar are scheduled to play the day after my birthday in March. Along with Punky is original lead vocalist Frank DiMino, who apparently still sounds the way he did when we all saw them at The Palladium in 1978. So, "who wants to go?"

I think the majority of us on this text knew exactly what this night would be; an excuse to get together, and oh look, Angel is playing, too. Logistics and a "procedure" excused a few. But we managed five affirmatives, which is the good news. But what I am still thinking about are the declines. Those who said no said so because they are "too old for this shit." That bothers me. 

It's hard to ignore the recent passing of so many of our rock heroes. Since 2015, the roster of giants we lost is the size of a Vermont phone book. And I am not in denial. I am aware of the new twinges and muscle aches that I don't recall having two years ago, along with a few other "things" best left for the professionals. But if I am walking and breathing and have two moderately working ears, I am all in for whatever is out there--music, dancing, dining---sign me up, especially if I am accompanied by people I love. You'll have to take me out on a stretcher before I stop participating in all the great things in life.

Last night was opening night of the E Street Band tour. Whenever I think about it, I get angry. Then, it saddens me. I was checking the set list as it was unfolding live. I was lying on the couch in the dark, watching "The Drowning Pool" with Paul Newman, refreshing the set list page. I won't spoil it for you fat cats out there, who might be attending multiple nights, but it is a killer set list. I don't know why I was torturing myself. I was really enjoying "The Drowning Pool." It takes place in New Orleans. There was a brief Tommy McLain sighting. But, I needed to know what I would be missing. Then it hit me. I'm not "too old for this shit." I'm too poor.

I was also scrolling through Instagram and noticed friends, and friends of friends "pre-gaming" in Tampa. I have friends who booked a weekend in Orlando for that show, which actually costs less than a pair of tickets for Bruce in NYC. Jealous? Yes, of course. Happy for them? I guess. But as I watched the set list unfold in real time, I kept thinking, "I should be there. I've paid my dues, damnit!" But alas, even tickets through my "connection" will cost a cool $900 a pair, face value!

Maybe I'm not too old for "this shit." I think I'm too old for "that shit." All of those Bowie ticket stubs in that photo cost a total of $800. I wish I had 900 disposable bucks, as an experiment. I wonder if I'd be able to just hand it over without any pangs of guilt to my Bruce "in" for that pair of house seats. Or, would I hang onto it like Jack Benny, refusing to let go because maybe, I wouldn't be able to justify the unreasonable cost, even if he did do "E Street Shuffle," "Kitty's Back" and "Rosalita."

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I Got You, Keef



PBS ran a 60 minute highlights special of the classic British T.V. show "Ready, Steady, Go!" Some of the clips were familiar. A few were not, like this one.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tweedy On T.V.


One more tribute to Tom Verlaine, this one from Jeff & Spencer Tweedy.

I think this is quite lovely.

(h/t DHandel)

Monday, January 30, 2023

Pancho, Lefty, Willie & Bob


I had somehow never seen this clip before. But I don't feel too bad because my friend David who sent it to me hadn't seen it before either.

That band is loaded!

(h/t whipshap)

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Songs Of The Week, 2023: 1/21-1/27



De Dia Y De Noche- Los Straitjackets
The Same Old Thing- The Olympics
Tallyman- Jeff Beck
Take Five- Willie Mitchell
Stanton Hits The Bottle- Stanton Moore
The Tiger Pounced- Binky Philips & The Planets
Piss- F.F.S


De Dia Y De Noche- Los Straitjackets
From what I think is their best album, and quite frankly one of the most fun albums ever recorded, "Rock En Espanol," comencemos con un clasico de Kinks.

The Same Old Thing- The Olympics
It took years after hearing NRBQ's version of this track to find the original single by The Olympics. I love both versions.

Tallyman- Jeff Beck
I caught the first 45 minutes of my man Sal Maida's radio show "Spin Cycle" last week, and he reminded me during his Jeff Beck tribute about this great single, written by the legendary Graham Gouldman.

Take Five- Willie Mitchell
I received a text from an old friend with a link to this Brubeck cover from the great Memphis producer Willie Mitchell. This is hot!

Stanton Hits The Bottle- Stanton Moore
The new Galactic E.P. got me in the mood for this funky little gem.

The Tiger Pounced- Binky Philips & The Planets
From one of my favorite drummers to another, here is some fine ass rock and roll with my man Bobby Siems holding it all down on the kit.

Piss Off- F.F.S
If the shoe fits...

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Tom Verlaine, 1949-2023



It's just one record. That's all it took. One record. And I saw them live before that record was even released. Not at CBGBs, but as the opening act for Peter Gabriel at The Palladium in 1977. I was there for Peter Gabriel. I was hoping to hear Genesis songs, which did not happen. But by the end of Television's opening set, I didn't care about Genesis or Gabriel's solo set. That night was all about Television.

"Marquee Moon" was a game changer. It literally changed my life, because without that album or that live performance by these so-called punks who were playing jazz licks and extended jams over twisted vocals and melodies with as many hooks as your pop Top 40, I may have never moved forward and discovered so much music that quite frankly would have frightened me just a few years prior.

Tom Verlaine was a giant, with all respect to Richard Lloyd, who is just as incredible. But watching Verlaine stand there, like the Frankenstein monster with that impossibly soulful fingernails on a blackboard voice, stayed with me, even now, almost 50 years later.

"Marquee Moon" remains one of my favorite records of all time. It's a record I play as often as any and it never fails to excite me the same way it did in 1977.

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