Sunday, September 24, 2023

Songs Of The Week, 2023: 9/16-9/22


Shining In The Light- Jimmy Page/Robert Plant
All God's Children- Jason Falkner
Shilo- Neil Diamond
Una Forma De Arco Iris- Los Shakers
You Won't See Me- The Clarendonians
Lonesome Whistle Blues- Nick Curran & The Nitecaps
I'm So Green- Can


Shining In The Light- Jimmy Page/Robert Plant
Led Zeppelin fans were crushed after listening to the long awaited Page & Plant reunion "Walking Into Clarksdale." It wasn't bad. It just wasn't very good. I always loved the opener, which I think is the closest thing to vintage Zep on the album.

All God's Children- Jason Falkner
I posted about JF on Instagram, tagged him and asked "Where's the new album?" He saw the post and liked it, but he didn't answer the question. Another deep cut will have to do for now.

Shilo- Neil Diamond
One of my two favorite Neil tracks from the Bang years. The other is the Song Of The Day.

Una Forma De Arco Iris- Los Shakers
If you bought the second volume of "The White Label Promo Preservation Society," you will read about Los Shakers 1967 psych masterpiece "La Conferencia Secreta Del Toto's Bar." There is a fantastic reissue out there on the Guerssen label. This track is a favorite, which borrows more than a little from another psych masterpiece, "Gone Is The Sad Man" by Timebox. (If none of this means anything to you, just listen to the song.)

You Won't See Me- The Clarendonians
This track is not on The Best Of The Clarendonians, one of my very favorite reggae records, though it should be. If you dig this cover, you must listen to more Clarendonians

Lonesome Whistle Blues- Nick Curran & The Nitecaps
I love the blues...when it's done right. When it's done doesn't all sound the same. I prefer acoustic country blues like Mance Lipscomb, Snooks Eaglin, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake. I do love electric blues, especially when played by Peter Green. Nick Curran isn't a blues artist, but when he plays it, he nails it.

I'm So Green- Can
You may think you're not a fan of Can, but I bet you'll love this track.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Vinyl Alert! (For Those Who Care)


I've listed over 100 new additions on my Discogs page, many from my own personal stash. Also, about 40 previously listed titles have been reduced to ridiculous prices. If you want some great records for a great price, get in on it.

Thanks for looking.

Records For Sale

Friday, September 22, 2023

Let's Play...



...Classic Tracks Deeply Indebted To Outside/Guest/Hired Backing Vocalists:

I stole this from Michael Chabon's Threads feed.

To get you started, here are some of his examples:
“Great Gig In The Sky” Clare Torry (Pink Floyd)
“Gimme Shelter” Merry Clayton (Rolling Stones)
“Walk On The Wild Side” Thunderthighs [Karen Friedman, Dari Lalou, Casey Synge] (Lou Reed)
“Gold” Stevie Nicks (John Stewart)
“The Battle of Evermore” Sandy Denny (Led Zeppelin)
“Shiny Happy People” Kate Pierson (REM)
Here are some bad examples from those who replied:
"Stop Dragging My Heart Around"- Stevie Nicks w/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
It's basically a duet. No duets.

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"- Eric Clapton (The Beatles)

It's not a singing part.

"Remedy"- Barbara Mitchell & Taj Harmon (The Black Crowes)
They are backing vocalists on many Crowes tracks and sadly, it could have been any two vocalists.
"Queen Of Hearts"- Madeline Follin (Fucked Up)
Huh? It's says "classic tracks." I am sure there are fans of both artist and guest, but if your choice is this obscure, the guest spot couldn't have really benefited the song.

My choices were:

Good Times- Steve Marriott (The Easybeats)
Tried To Love- Mick Jagger (Peter Frampton)
You're So Vain- Mick Jagger (Carly Simon)
You Nearly Did Me In -Queen (Ian Hunter)

So you got it, right?

No duets.
No guitar solos.
No weirdness.

Alrighty then...let's play.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

"You're Plain OI' L.S.D. To Me, Baby"


From the recently released treasure trove of Stax/Volt demos and rarities "Written In Their Soul," here is Mack Rice and his demo of a song that had a bit of success for The Detroit Wheels on Motown's subsidiary Inferno label, "Linda Sue Dixon."

I still haven't gotten through the entire 7 disc set, but I keep thinking the same thing as each song plays. The Stax Rhythm Section, almost always Booker T. & The MGs for the most part, perfected soul music that rocks, so much so that many of those classic tracks could pass off as rock and roll with soul. That's how good these guys were. Al Jackson Jr. pounded that kit hard. Put Mick Jagger on vocals and this track could fit perfectly on "Rolling Stones' Now." Or how about Steven Tyler and slotting this track on Side Two of the first Aerosmith album right after their cover of "Walking The Dog." Maybe that's a stretch. Or maybe not.

Even as a demo, this silly song sounds as good as anything on an Otis record, and when played side by side to the Detroit Wheels version, you can immediately hear how the Wheels missed the boat.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Your Wednesday Moment Of Pop Bliss


From what I think is the band's very best album, the forgotten classic of 2004, "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending," here are Roland and Curt, better known as Tears For Fears, and a song that in a just musical world would have been become an all time summer classic, "Call Me Mellow."

I had a conversation with a friend recently. This is someone I know, not a username or anonynous social media stalker. He invited me to a concert that I couldn't attend. Then, I casually mentioned how disappointed I was that I did not get to see Tears For Fears on the current tour for their superb comeback album "The Tipping Point." He started laughing. No words, just a mocking belly laugh. I ignored him, waited until he caught his breath and asked, "What exactly is so funny? When was the last time you listened to Tears For Fears?" He said, "Shout."

It's always a good move to criticize what you don't know.


Oh, here's one more beauty from "Happy Ending." No laughing.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Fun Film Facts #1; A New Series


"Captain Corelli's Mandolin," a 2001 film starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz based on the 1994 novel by Louis De Bernieres, began with good intentions, but in the end, disappointed many. Like so many films, treatments and scripts were rewritten and tossed numerous times before the producers settled on the final draft for the film that was eventually released. 
Here now, are the Top 10 original screenplays that were rejected:

10. Corporal Corelli's Mandolin
 9.  Mr. Corelli's Mandolin
 8.  That Guy Saul From B Company's Jew's Harp
 7.  Monica's Harmonica
 6.  The Harmonica Of Monica
 5.  Ensign Swenson's Didgeridoo
 4.  Private Fongoole's Lobster Bib
 3.  Who Is Monica Corelli And Why Is She Playing That Goddamned Harmonica
 2.  M*A*N*D*O*L*I*N
 1.  The Fast & The Furious 14: Captain's Corelli's Mandolin

Monday, September 18, 2023

Sound Familiar?

 I've heard this at least one time too many. 

Remember "A Bigger Bang"? Unfortunately I do too. 

I sincerely hope that "Hackney Diamonds", in spite of the kinda lame title and not great album cover, is better than "Some Girls", which at my house only has four good songs.

"Angry" is better than the other half I really don't like, so there's hope.

Fingers crossed.