Thursday, September 4, 2008

My iPod, My Patti, and Me

Just like guest contributor Allen Vella, I too have an "iPod Subway Story."

What I find most appealing about that little Pod of i, is how often it catches me off guard. Very rarely does it disappoint. If any of you have ever made a mixtape in your life, you know the thrill of gathering content, sequencing, and ultimately, showing it off at your friend's Charade's Party. With the iPod, you give up two out of three. Just scroll to shuffle and WHAM, the Pod takes over. It shows off for you.

On a recent subway trip to Midtown Manhattan, I was treated to the improbable trifecta of "What You're Doing" off of "Beatles VI," "Strange Animals" off of the brilliant new record by Sparks, and "Point Of Know Return" by Kansas. YES THAT'S RIGHT, KANSAS! It even surprised ME, so much so I started to play a bit of air keyboard on my lap, ya know, during that, "Diddlelooodlelooodle/Diddlelooodleloodle/DiddleloodleHOWLONG!" part.

(here's where it gets interesting)

Next to me is a woman, smiling. Not just any woman but Patti LuPone, on the subway, heading to work. (Gypsy, right?) I took the headphones off and started laughing. "Must be a good tune," she said. I was tempted to say, "It is. I love Mozart's 4th ...Movement In...Green." I thought that may be more impressive than the truth. Instead, I said something equally ridiculous- "Loved you in Summer Of Sam." Her expression changed quickly. I know what she was thinking, "No one loved anything in that movie."

We pulled into Times Square and we both got up. Her expression got worse as she realized, "This putz is getting off with me." Well, I simply said "Nice meeting you," and we parted ways. I wonder if she would have appreciated what I was appreciating in the first place, the great iPod shuffle and the always entertaining playlists it spits out.

(None of this true...except the part where I was playing air keyboards to Kansas on a crowded subway.)

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