Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Can't Be Good

I mean, just look at them. This will be going on for two hours. In 1975, this would have been major. But now? Has anyone seen the last 24 movies these guys starred in?


allen vella said...

i thought the same as i passed the poster in the subway. i really want it to be excellent, but it just doesn't seem likely. when does it open? can't wait to see the reviews.

ken d said...

My first thought was, "Nah, that can't be right...they've made, you know, SOMETHING" But I looked them up and its been 11 (!) years since DeNiro was in "Wag The Dog" and Pacino was in "Donnie Brasco."

steve simels said...

It's directed by Jon Avenet, the same guy who directed Pacino's last incredibly awful movie, that thriller whose name mercifully escapes me about the shrink who's got eight hours to prevent his murder. Or some such. It was ghastly.

Oh yeah -- "88 MInutes." Just appallingly bad.