Friday, September 26, 2008


"Midwood, Islip, Hackensack, Nyack/Everyone's talking 'bout POP MUSIC!"

Okay, it doesn't rhyme, but at least I've been to these places.

This weekend's mix is inspired by the current Squeeze reunion tour. I didn't catch them last week at Radio City Music Hall, but I did earlier in the tour at the Beacon Theatre and both Difford and Tilbrook looked as happy as clams before being blinded by lemon juice and cocktail sauce.

The boys pulled out the usual hits and fan faves, but I was more impressed with the gems they dug up from the vaults. It was great hearing "I'm Think I'm Go Go" from Argybargy, a song I don't recall hearing live since 1982. This mix pulls together some of my favorite, less obvious Difford/Tilbrook tracks, including one from Tilbrook's brilliant solo album, "Transatlantic Ping Pong."

I've padded the playlist with an additonal 10 songs, all with that great pop vibe, and chock full of killer choruses, vocal harmonies, and enough hooks to snag a flounder. (I believe that is the 34th time I've used that line.)

Some highlights:

"I Walked" by Wanderlust. I swear, it's NOT Crowded House. "Keep Your Hands On The Wheel" by Roy Wood. The Beach Boys meet Led Zeppelin. How is that possible? John "Bonzo" Bonham is on drums. You need to hear it. "Reactionary Girl" By Robin Zander, from his criminally ignored solo debut. This song gets my vote for one of the top ten Power Pop songs of all time.

Here's the full track list:

Big Beng- Squeeze
Satisfied- Squeeze
Forget About You- The Motors
All That That Implies - Michael Penn
What The Butler Saw - Squeeze
I Walked- Wanderlust
Keep Your Hands On The Wheel- Roy Wood
To Be A Dad- Squeeze
Call My Name- Starclub
Temptation For Love -Squeeze
Hostage- Glenn Tilbrook
My Before And After- Cotton Mather
When She Awoke- Swag
I Think I'm Go Go- Squeeze
She Doesn't Have To Shave- Squeeze
Reactionary Girl- Robin Zander
Slightly Drunk-Squeeze
English Tea-Thurman
Tongue Like A Knife- Squeeze
Both Sides Now- Jason Falkner

Show me some love and I'll give it right back.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to get this mix - what is your email address?

Sal Nunziato said...

send your address to

allen vella said...
yur da best!

David said...

Just wanted to comment on the Dead in Egypt--the verdict among the Dead cognoscenti is that the shows themselves didn't live up to the majesty of the setting: Garcia was not in the best of shape (pretty true of the last 25 years) and the band kind of choked, apparently. They were known for blowing the biggest gigs, and they stayed true to form when they played at the Pyramids. Of course, the assembled tie-dyed masses probably didn't mind too much. Speaking as a former Deadhead (first show, Englishtown, NJ, 1979, which is also a Dick's Picks) my feeling listening to a lot of these official recordings of 'legendary' shows is often disappointment during the vocal sections and occasional amazement during the instrumental passages.

john Peden said...

Sal Great observations as always. How about the current ? Frampton offering "Finger prints" I think? He wrote a very interesting piece for my favorite inside publication Tonequest. I can dig it out if you want to read it. It's mainly about his personal recording gear but it's so thoughtfully written I thought might like to peruse it. Let me know.See ya wednesday as in the eagle flies on wednesday! Peden