Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday I've got Friday on my mind. I am in a good mood. Don't question it. Just run with it.

Continuing with the Graham Nash/Hollies theme I started over at The Huffington Post, I offer you BURNING WOOD'S WEEKEND MIX. It's a little taste of one of my favorite bands, plus a few bonus tracks that seem to make sense.

When I say The Hollies, you may think "Bus Stop" and "Carrie Anne." And that's fine. Both songs nicely represent the intricate harmonies and mellifluous melodies of this incredible band. But I'd like to offer a mix that goes a bit deeper. Much like The Beatles masterful trifecta of "Rubber Soul" "Revolver," and "Sgt. Pepper," The Hollies delivered a very similar 1-2-3 punch with "For Certain Because," "Evolution," and "Butterfly." This mix takes the best of those 3 records, with a few special guests along for the ride.

Dear Eloise ("Butterfly")

The Games We Play ("Evolution")

Somebody Help Me- The Everly Brothers
Away Away Away ("Butterfly")
Tell Me To My Face ("For Certain Because")
My Big Mouth- The Posies
Would You Believe ("Butterfly")

Everything Is Sunshine ("Butterfly" Outtake)
Better Days - Graham Nash
Jennifer Eccles- Eels
I Used To Be A King- Graham Nash
Step Inside ("Butterfly")

Don't Run And Hide- The Everly Brothers

Have You Ever Loved Somebody ("Evolution")

King Midas In Reverse (from the US version of "Butterfly" called "Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse)

The Everly Brothers tracks come from the album "Two Yanks In England," a record that featured 8 songs credited to the collective L.Ransford pseudonym used by The Hollies' Allan Clarke, Grahan Nash, and Tony Hicks. (and I think Jimmy Page may be playing guitar here, as well)

The Posies track, from their pop masterpiece "Dear 23," sounds to me, exactly like The Hollies, were they still recording in 1992.

The Eels cover of "Jennifer Eccles" sounds nothing at all like the original Hollies version. That's why I like it.

And Graham Nash speaks for himself. (buy it here)

If you are really interested in hearing this mix, e-mail me your address. The first five requests I get will have this CD in their mailbox soon after.



Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, nice mix. Ahh! The Hollies Evolution and Butterfly, great music, great albums. I'd like to hear a few of the songs I don't have. Send me the CD. Thanks, FD

steve simels said...

Okay, I'm greedy -- address on its way.

Incidentally, saw the Huffington Post piece --

Couldn't agree more with you about "Today" being better than "Pet Sounds." "Today" is everything that made the Beach Boys great. Dennis' heartbreakingly beautiful "Back of My Mind" is just the icing on the cake...

softshoebanana said...

Butterfly's a buried treasure.

Have always had time for it.

Good on you for liking it