Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ladies' Room Says "Jennys"

And the men's room says "Dicks." Welcome to Dick & Jenny's in New Orleans. Not going to turn this into a food and travelogue, but look at this menu. We ate some of it and boy were we happy.

Wanted to share this video with you. Clint Maedgen is a New Orleans treasure and one of his many projects is the New Orleans Bingo Show, which is beyond description. Tin Pan Alley meets The Kinks meets traditional New Orleans jazz meets Tom Waits meets Kraftwerk meets The Beatles. Or something like that.

After another amazing meal this evening--I'll tell you where tomorrow--it's the Krewe Of Boo parade and then a live Halloween performance by The New Orleans Bingo Show.

Booga Booga, y'all!!

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allen vella said...

oh that clip was so good to watch. thank you...totally made me want to hop a plane and get back. that was so awesome that john brunious is on that...and carl. did you know carl played at our wedding? that was great..keep sendin em..i'll keep readin and hopin'...and that menu! ya killin me sal!!!!;-)