Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I thought it appropriate that this early edition of The Weekend Mix pay tribute to the great city of New Orleans since that is where I will be for the next 4 days. This mix is by no means "definitive," although every single song selected is a perfect aural description of something and everything I adore about the city.

From the Cajun swamps of C.C. Adcock, to the funky late nights at the Maple Leaf with Stanton Moore, to the walks by the Mississippi with Snooks, to the great Jazz Fest moments with Germaine Bazzle, to the big funky brass parties with Bonerama--this mix will hopefully bring you something good from New Orleans and not just the vision of drunken people with Hurricanes on Bourbon Street. Earl King's "Time For The Sun To Rise" is the perfect soundtrack to a quiet, early morning walk through Jackson Square and The New Orleans Bingo Show demonstrates just how diverse the great musicians of the Crescent City can be. Finally--James Booker. This track is unequivocally my favorite seven minutes of New Orleans music. (recorded in Switzerland) I've listened to "True" hundreds of times. I still can't believe what this man is singing and what this man is playing, quite often at the same time. And LIVE!!
(I dare you not to be moved)

I put links on the artists names so that you may look further into their careers and maybe even support those who are still alive and making music. The Louisiana Music Factory carries it all, and I strongly recommend checking out their site HERE.

If you have any questions regarding any of this music or need some suggestions as to what to purchase, don't hesitate to ask.

E-mail me at HEYNYCD@AOL.COM


Couchmal- C.C. Adcock
(at the) Maple Leaf - Stanton Moore
Time For The Sun To Rise- Earl King
Love, Honor and Obey- David Egan
Blue Crescent- Dr. Michael White
Door Poppin'- John Boutte
By The Water- Snooks Eaglin
I Give It All To You- The New Orleans Bingo! Show
Manic Depression- Bonerama
Everyday I Have The Blues- Germaine Bazzle
People Say- Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
True -James Booker


It is a full CD worth of music, so don't get your PCs in a bind when it doesn't load in 4.2 seconds.

ENJOY! See ya when I get there.


allen vella said...

a most excellent playlist! i will be listening to it as i freeze my ass off in freiburg. have a great weekend, i know you some for me!

Anonymous said...

Sal -

I'm an idiot. Will the zip file play on Windows Media Player? Should I look for some other type of player?

Sal Nunziato said...

The zip file should open up a selection of mp3s that are iTunes ready. I don't think a Windows Media Player will do it. If you can't get it to work, email your address to me and I'll send you a hard copy.

Charlie said...

the woody allen video was hysterical! forgot for a wee small second about the stand up.

Charlie said...

nice mix too bro . . .
perhaps it's true that you are indeed 'the man'

phil lesh & friends on conan wednesday -- great lineup: larry campbell and ms. larry campbell aka teresa williams, john molo, jeff odintz, jackie greene. last night warren haynes joined them for most of set 2 -- The Beatles' "She Said" tore up the place.

"Larry Campbell plays just about every instrument with strings attached and he's absolutely amazing. Someday when you look up "great chops," in the dictionary, you'll come across a picture of Larry. And for good reason. The guy's a major threat on guitar, fiddle, steel, there anything he can't do with brilliance?"
Artie Traum