Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"A Man Isn't Completely Dressed Without A Hat & A Walking Stick." AMEN, BROTHER!

INT. A kid in a candy store. Excited, befuddled, drooly.

"THAT! No...THAT! No...THAT!"

Bob Dylan. Louis Armstrong. The Mills Brothers. Red vines. Mary Janes. Wax lips. Baseball cards. A knish? (OK, I grew up in Brooklyn)

This is how I feel listening to this 3:44 piece of brilliance. I don't want Dylan to stop talking. Ever. But if he doesn't, we can't hear the impeccable harmonies of The Mills Brothers. But wait? What about Louis? Golly gee, Mrs. Cleaver, just give me the wax lips and get me out of here.

If clicking HERE doesn't put a smile on your face, call the coroner.


allen vella said...

that was beautiful, man!

Ken D said...

Wow, the Mills Brothers... terrible flashbacks to my Dad's record collection. I can't hear this stuff without seeing a stack of LPs waiting to drop on the walnut-finished KLH: Vicki Carr, Andre Kostelanetz, Jack Jones, the "Man of La Mancha" cast album...

By the way, has a free streaming preview of the new Dylan "bootleg" set, "Tell Tale Signs." It's up today, but looks like a limited time offer. (Release is next week.)

Sal Nunziato said...

Please don't put the exquisite Mills Brothers in the same category as Vikki Carr, Anfre Kostelanetz and Jack Jones. Even Bob Dylan loves them.

Ken D said...

Absolutely no knock on the Mills Brothers... it's just my bad associations. My dad played Frank Sinatra AND Andy Williams records; Ella Fitzgerald AND Edie Gorme. He just didn't seem to know the difference.