Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bonnes Periodes au Marais

For the last post from New Orleans, I wanted to share this video of the Pine Leaf Boys. They had been scheduled to appear at the Lousiana Swamp Fest this weekend at Audobon Park, but had been replaced for reasons unknown.

The Fest itself was a sweet little gathering with three stages of music, excellent but dangerous food--Cajun Dogs, a hot dog with chili wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried--and local artists. You can eat a stuffed mirliton, alligator on a stick and learn how to carve a model fishing boat all while listening to the Magnolia Sisters waltz you into cardiac arrest.

There is something about the Pine Leaf Boys that transcends most other Cajun and Zydeco bands. After a few minutes of Zydeco music, you can feel as if you were being "changa changa'd" to death with the relentless accordion squeezing and washboard scraping. But the Pine Leaf Boys, at least to my ears, have something else going on.


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steve simels said...

Between my trip to Paris last week and yours to New Orleans, we're going to have covered the market on good eating for the forseeable future.