Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Brains- Almost As Exciting As Election Day

Not an easy segue from last night's triumphant festivities, so I'm just gonna pretend like nothing happened.

Here's what the All Music Guide had to say about "The Brains."

This Georgia-based quartet's story is depressingly familiar enough. After scoring with the sassy cynicism of its indie single, Money Changes Everything, the Brains signed to Mercury for an uncompromising debut album that sank without a trace. Main songwriter and frontman Tom Gray stakes out the familiar persona of twitchy ├╝ber-nerd who can't get laid, as "Scared Kid" makes obvious. However, Gray's songs disturb instead of divert, which set him above the pack but out of step with record buyers. "See Me" recounts a lowly duo's romp through their anonymous downtown playground; its first line ("Shooky, get your glasses on/Shooky, get your gun") ranks among the most memorable openers of any left-field album. The chunky guitar instrumental "Treason," coltish techno-billy of "Raeline," and a recut "Money Changes Everything" represent the sole concessions to mainstream sensibilities. But not even a new recording of the song that did so much to establish them could sneak the Brains through programmers' back doors. Cyndi Lauper's remake certainly reminded some fans of what they'd missed, but couldn't rescue the band, which had already broken up.

I've loved this record from day one. Steve Lillywhite's production is a bit bombastic. It's especially irritating when you listen to the far superior, original indie single version of "Money Changes Everything" side by side with the album version. I wish I had that to offer you, but I don't.

HERE, though, is the album version and two of my favorite cuts from this lost classic.

If anyone has that indie single, I'd love to hear it again.


the sandwich life said...

oh made my day! Tom Gray has one of those voices that goes right through you and breaks your heart.....great, great band....

Anonymous said...

hey sal...i've always loved that song...and i believe i have the (picture sleeve) single you were talking more reason for you to visit scenic croton- on-hudson!...steven

Anonymous said...

Wow - I actually saw these guys! (Played a small club in Burlington, VT the same night The Clash played at UVM. c. 1982 (?) VERY loud live band!)
Thank you for the tracks. -
bill buckner

Bill from Pittsburgh said...

If you don't already know this, Tom Gray now fronts a an excellent, rootsy, blues-oriented band called Delta Moon. They went through a couple female singers but now Tom has taken over the lead vocal duties. see

Anonymous said...

ahh..the brains! Thought I was the only person to listen to these guys.
Anyway to get their first album and Electronic Eden on cd? Guess not otherwise I would have found it by now. I would buy the first album just for Raeline. Love that song.

Anonymous said...

I could echo many of the comments here: great band, thought I was the only fan, etc.... But... does anyone have that single??? Anyone found it? It was so much better than the album version.