Thursday, December 18, 2008


Everybody loves a project. Burning Wood became my little project 99 posts ago. Today's post is number 100! To celebrate, I present a little project for all of you loyal readers. If you choose to accept, then you are the obsessive music fan I hoped you'd be and you will be better for it.

I've listed, in keeping with the year-end list theme, 100 songs. The only connection really, is that I love them all. Nothing too obscure and not much that is too obvious. This is simply a list songs that I go back to often, each for its own reason. I'm hoping you'll want to get in on it . They are not my favorite songs by these artists, (though some may be on certain days), or songs with a hidden meaning, or songs that are particularly rare. They are almost all within reach...almost... either as cheap used copies or downloads on Amazon, or through eMusic and iTunes. (I'm sure the more daring and resourceful readers will find other means.) The point? None really. It's just good music that I enjoy sharing and hopefully will make you curious enough to track down and make your own little playlist. Maybe even comment on a few.

Thank you all for reading and for the moral support. Burning Wood gets more and more hits everyday. The only thing better than hits is hits and money. And maybe some work. Hits, money and work. The only thing better than hits, money and work is Laura Nyro's version of "Up On The Roof." So DIG IN!

Since it is the time of the year for giving, first ten people who send me their address at HEYNYCD@AOL.COM will get a nice MP3, iTunes ready disc of all 100 tunes.




Oh Urania (Take Me Away)- Andrew Gold
Everything Merges With The Night-Brian Eno
Foxy Foxy-Mott The Hoople
Some Other Guy-Richie Barrett
For What It's Worth-Lou Rawls
Meteor Shower -Rhett Miller
Cold, Cold Heart- Nat King Cole
Warm Valley-Duke Ellington
Idol -Elton John
I Want You- Cyril Neville
The Way It Was- Bee Gees
Up On The Roof- Laura Nyro
Transylvania Boogie- Frank Zappa
Welfare Cheese- Emanual Laskey
You'll Forget- Neil Diamo nd
Jerusalem Tomorrow- Emmylou Harris
Daily Bread- Corey Harris
Long Away- Queen
Need Her Love- Electric Light Orchestra
Company- Rickie Lee Jones
Fresh As A Daisy- Emitt Rhodes

Won't Give In- Finn Brothers
My Ship Is Coming In- The Walker Brothers
Forever- Roy Wood
You Might Recall-Genesis
Hold Out Your Hand- Chris Squire
Golden - A Girl Called Eddy
I Never Dreamed-The Cookies
Baby, Baby (I Still Love You)-Cinderella
Visions Of Paradise-Mick Jagger
Dead Or Alive-John Cale
How Much Can A Man Take-Big John Hamilton
Rainy Day Parade-Jill Sobule
Water From An Ancient Well- Stanton Moore
To Sir With Love- All Green
Shelley My Love- Nick Lowe
Lady Grinning Soul- David Bowie
Railroad Man- Bill Withers
I Wish I Was Your Mother - Maria McKee
Art School Canteen- Godley & Creme
When It Rains- Brad Mehldau
Walkin' Around-Marshall Crenshaw
Non Support- Ironing Board Sam
The Right To Love You- The Mighty Hannibal
Steal Your Heart Away- Bonnie Raitt
Another Roadside Tragedy -The Black Crowes
Let's Fall In Love- Peaches & Herb
Angel Come Home- The Beach Boys
Groovin'- Marvin Gaye
Ordinary Girl- Mike & The Mechanics
Girls In Their Summer Clothes- Bruce Springsteen
Joanne- Michael Nesmith & The First National Band
Hard Hearted Alice- Alice Cooper
Time For The Sun To Rise- Earl King
Matinee -The Posies
That's Neat, That's Nice - NRBQ
A Midsummer's Night Scene- John's Children
Get Down With It - Little Richard
When You Walk In the Room- Paul Carrack
Caroline Goodbye- Colin Blunstone
Scattered - The Kinks
Bad Apples- Royal Finger Bowl
Fine Time- Robert Palmer
Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate- Jackson Browne
Sounds Of The Sea- Renaissance
Offer You The World - P. Hux
Save The Last Dance For Me- Nilsson
Candy From A Stranger- Raisins In The Sun
Wash Us Away - Ian Hunter
True Blue- Rod Stewart
Why Should I Love You?- Kate Bush
Home And Dry- Pet Shop Boys
Trick Or Treat- Otis Redding
Apricot Brandy- Rhinoceros
Pretty and High- The Roches
Act Nice And Gentle-The Black Keys
Something In 4/4 Time- Daryl Hall
Getting Over Delusion- Myracle Brah
She- Harry Connick, Jr.
A Long Night- Frank Sinatra
Sentimental Fool - Roxy Music
Miracle Drug- A.C. Newman
Let It Rock - Bob Seger
Sweeter Memories- Todd Rundgren
Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind- The Michael Stanley Band
I Want You To Want Me- Holmes Brothers
Stoned (Part 1)- Lewis Taylor
In This Camp- Midlake
Save Me A Place- Fleetwood Mac
I Think It's That Girl- Dwight Twilley
Percy's Song- Fairport Convention
You're All That I Want- Kiss
Tennessee Flat Top Box- Rosanne Cash
Go Or Go Ahead- Rufus Wainwright
Let's Get Out Of Here- John Waite
Sheraton Gibson- Pete Townshend
This Is Our Life - Rob Laufer
Washing Machine- The Mommyheads
Because I Told You So- Jonatha Brooke
Black Eyed Susan- Paul Westerberg


the sandwich life said...

oh my gosh....anyone who puts Mott's Foxy Foxy that high on their list is WAY OK with me!! Is that a cover of Ian's I Wish I Were Your Mother by Maria McKee?

Sal Nunziato said...

As much as I LOVE "Foxy, Foxy," the songs are not in any order. (actually, they were pulled off iTunes alphabetically by album name. does that count as order?)

And YES, Maria McKee is covering MOTT!

cmealha said...

I'm not familiar with about half of your list so I'll be busy.

Here are some tunes I thought about during work that always satisfy.

Totally agree with you on the following:
Idol - Elton John
Up On The Roof- Laura Nyro
Long Away - Queen
Need Her Love - Electric Light Orchestra
Company - Rickie Lee Jones
Fresh As A Daisy - Emitt Rhodes
Forever - Roy Wood
Golden - A Girl Called Eddy
I Never Dreamed - The Cookies
Dead Or Alive - John Cale
Shelley My Love - Nick Lowe
Girls In Their Summer Clothes - Bruce Springsteen

Some of the artists you had but different songs:
Funny How Love Is - Queen
Eldorado - Electric Light Orchestra
Fade Away - Todd Rundgren
The Rain Came Down on Everything - Roy Wood
You Nearly Did Me In - Ian Hunter

Some other stuff of which there is nothing better!
Love Is A Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
Brian Wilson - Still I Dream of It
24 Hours From Tulsa - Dusty Springfield
For No One - The Beatles
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Raspberry Beret - Prince
Rent A Cop - Ben Folds
Answer Me - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Travelling Riverside Blues - Led Zeppelin
Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love - Sonny and Cher
Am I the Same Girl - Swing Out Sister

Wish I had more time but gotta go protect my phoney baloney job.

NYCD Online said...

Dear sirs,

I don't understand how you could possibly include "Let's Fall In Love" by Peaches & Herb and not "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Esquivel. Quite mind-boggling, really.

Sal Nunziato said...

Saving the Esquivel track for my "Ten Best Songs That Feature A Zither" list.

the sandwich life said...

damn...I don't read carefully enough...I just saw the thing about first ten emails....

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!