Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The pressure is on. Today is your last chance to find the best deal on a Sony PS3 or that down coat for your brother. And what if they don't have that exact pair of Nike's your son's been asking for? OH NO! What happens then?

Talking to some friends and feeling the vibe all around, not just NYC, many are feeling the pressure to find Christmas, the spirit of, and something other than the misery, stress, and loneliness that this particular holiday seems to drag along for the ride.

Yesterday's New York Times reported on the rising number of arrests for shoplifting. See here. One guy fell a dollar short of the $4.99 needed for an over the counter sleeping aid. Feeling desperate, he just put it in his pocket. He was arrested. Merry Christmas.

The Lighthouse Mission in Patchogue, Long Island has been giving out one toy for each parent who presented a child's birth certificate. One single father held back his tears as he waited on line, explaining how it is hard enough to pay for food and gasoline during these times, let alone toys for Christmas. But how could he possibly disappoint his kid. I'm sure this feeing is shared not just by parents for their kids, but struggling people all over. Ah, the pressures of the Christmas season.

I suggest, for once, not making it about money. Should be easy, since most of us don't have any. Don't you remember what Ralph said to Alice at the end of that classic episode of The Honeymooners? If not, scroll down a bit and watch it again...and again. It bears repeating.

One more day before Christmas. Let's suck it up and enjoy the little things money can't buy. That's what I'm doing and I can't recommend it enough.

This should make you feel good.


Anonymous said...

Sal, Just got up and haven't watched Dave yet so it was nice to see this clip up already .
After years of seeing Darlene live she never ceases to amaze me. One of my prized possessions is a L.P.she signed "to Mike Love ya Darlene Love" .That song always makes me cry ,happy tears ,sad tears ... I'm never sure which....
Happy Holidays to you and Melissa and your loved ones. The things that have been getting me through all this mess are good friends and you certainly are.

steve simels said...

What Anon said (great clip)-- and have a wonderful holiday season.

cmealha said...

Well said and you proved it with the clip. Hearing it made my spirits soar more than any big TV or other inane present ever could. It's all about joy and love and we all forget it too often.

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the good music,


cmealha said...

P.S. How come Anonymous signed off as Mike? Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Meanstreets said...

Good job Sal with your Holiday thoughts...thanks to you & Ralph Kramden, I will not play any " Murder Ballads & Disater Songs " tonight during my family's Christmas dinner here on 23rd St.
Merry Christmas.
NYC & S. Austin, TX