Friday, December 26, 2008


Not once in my entire life of living in New York City, have I ever had the desire to be in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Have you even been in Times Square at lunchtime on any other day of the year? It's the same thing with a few less policeman. And no one waits until midnight to scream like a lunatic.

I wrote about my earliest New Year's Eve memories for The Huffington Post last month. You can read that HERE. There was a brief period in the 80's, where I needed to be out, either at a party or some club watching some band. When you're 20, is there anything more important than having a date and a place to go on New Year's Eve?

Once I got married, it all changed. Now it's more like, "When you're in your forties, is there anything more important than closing your blinds, shutting the lights, watching a movie and being asleep by 10:30 on New Year's Eve?" Well, maybe just the music. There's always music.

This weekend's mix will take up a little more than a half hour of air time in my home on New Year's Eve. The TV will be tuned to something. Sound off, for now. I usually throw on a favorite movie, something I have seen so many times, I don't need the volume up. This year "Viva Zapata," "Rear Window," and "Guys And Dolls" are in my queue for possible viewing. Music will be familiar and upbeat. Don't need to experiment with Disc 2 of the Eric Dolphy box or an advance copy of Billy Bob Thornton's new side project this particular night. I want comfort and joy. I want rock and roll.


Get Down With It - Little Richard
Tonight - MC5
Good Times- The Easybeats
Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts) - BR5-49

Needle In The Camel's Eye- Brian Eno

Party & Bullshit - The Notorious B.I.G.

...And I'm Out (Featuring Mr. Lif) - Galactic

Drug-Stabbing Time- The Clash

Showdown- New York Dolls
Pool Hall Richard- The Faces

ZIP FILE IS HERE (Remember, have some patience)

Enjoy your holidays, enjoy this mix and remember, I'm always thinking about you.

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Ken D said...

A belated response to your year-end Ten Best list...

Surprising, given your comments during the year, that Maria Muldaur, Otis Taylor, and Beth Rowley didn't make even the top 20. Why did those fade away?

& I sympathize with your "unhip" factor... I was checking out the year-end lists on Pitchfork and hadn't even heard of half the artists much less heard their albums. Let's chalk it up to being discriminating, independent listeners (instead of old and out of touch).

In that spirit, I'm going to add a list of albums... I don't hear enough to say what's the "best" music of the year, but these were favorites I came back to again and again. Maybe your readers will want to check them out... like your list, I haven't seen these anywhere else but I thought they were all excellent.

No order (except for the last 2):

Watson Twins - "Fire Songs"
Alejandro Escovedo - "Real Animal"
Jesse Baylin - "Firesight"
The Steeldrivers
Chatham County Line - "IV"
Carrie Rodriguez - "She Ain't Me"
Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis - "2 Men With The Blues"
Eli Reed - "Roll With You"

Favorite new album of '08: Johnny Flynn - "A Larum"
and like you, probably my pick of the year isn't a new album: the expanded reissue of Nick Lowe's "Jesus of Cool"

Thanks for listening! & hope you have a happy new year.