Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE ROCHES: They Don't Give Out Their Phone Numbers

I am completely comfortable with saying that after seeing The Roches perform live in 1982, I haven't listened to music the same way again, at least not vocal harmony.

Today's post is not a history lesson. Today's post is one of those that I need to get out my system. I'd like to thank my friend Holly over at the fab Snoop du Jour, (where you WILL find a brief history lesson of The Roches, among other cool spurts of wisdom and entertainment) for some playful Roches' lyric volleys earlier this week. Thanks to that, I have not gotten "Hammond Song" out of my head since....well...since 1979, but more so, since Monday morning. Thanks Holly. It was a great reminder of just how otherworldly Maggie, Terre, and Suzzy can be.

(photo below taken by me, 3/17/84, NYC's Bottom Line)

The Roches (and Loudon Wainwright III !) will be in Tarrytown this evening. I can't be there, but if you could, you should. Either way, watch this video of "The Hammond Song" from 1983. Absolutely stunning.


Ken D said...

Great suggestion, Sal, The Roches are the perfect soundtrack for such a cold wet day. I just put on "Can We Go Home Now" and "A Dove" (one of my favorite albums ever) to follow. Haven't heard these in a while...

And following up on yesterday's post, top price for tonight's Tarrytown show is $55. And that's for 2 acts, both of which I'd happily see alone.
Wish they'd scheduled something in the city...

Sal Nunziato said...

They just played, Ken. Last month at the Highline. Missed it, but can't recall why.