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Friday, January 23, 2009

"The Bestacle Of Spectacle" : THE WEEKEND MIX

It's been what seems like a week since I've mentioned Elvis Costello's Spectacle, the Gunsmoke of music talk shows. I've gushed over, gabbled about, jabbered and puked praise on this show and its performances. I'm sick of me already. But you'll thank me for this weekend's mix.

I've gathered some choice moments for "The Bestacle Of Spectacle." It was a labor of love, since the audio of every tune had to be captured in real time from You Tube, then converted to MP3, then uploaded. I just happened to have had the time. (You owe me one.)

There are many highlights, such as Elvis & Elton's moving version of David Ackles' "Down River" and Elvis & James Taylor emulating the Everlys. Be sure to check out the all too brief version of "Alison," where Elvis experiments with singing the harmony line as melody.


Track list

Border Song- Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint
Down River- Elvis Costello & Elton John
Femme Fatale- Elvis Costello
Perfect Day- Elvis Costello & Lou Reed
Bartender's Blues- Elvis Costello & Laura Cantrell
Crying In The Rain- Elvis Costello & James Taylor
Cold Cold Heart- Elvis Costello
Alison- Elvis Costello & Sting
Watching The Moon- Elvis Costello & The Police

New Paint- Elvis Costello



steve simels said...

Karma, dude. Good stuff will come back at you for taking the time to convert all that audio for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear the stuff.
In Holland it's impossible to watch it as it's not broadcast, so the next good thing is to hear it, thanks to you. Thank you very very much.
I know there's more....

Ken D said...

Thanks for these! I've heard great stuff about EC's show. Unfortunately I no longer get Sundance Channel so unless someone knows something I don't (and would share it) looks like I'll have to wait until the series comes out on DVD.

Meanstreets said...

" Spectacle " is the best music show to come along since " Austin City Limits....I just hope Elvis & Burning Wood itself would pay homage to some of those TX songwriters, like Willie, Guy Clark,Ray Wylie Hubbard, Rodney Crowell,Steve Earle, Billy Joe Shaver & Tom Russell. This list could go on forever....

Michael in New York said...

As a grumpy freelance journalist, I resent artists like Elvis Costello and William Shatner (who has a chat show) muscling into my turf. I think I watched most of the weaker Costello episodes. Musically, I thought the James Taylor episode was very weak. James does NOT sound in good voice (very old) and their singing didn't blend well at all -- just not meant to duet. The Tony Bennett show was also a drag, with Bennett (whom I've never seen live) also sounding very aged and a shadow of what he'd done live even ten years ago. My Police episode got erased accidentally and I never watched the Clinton. So there.

Michael in New York said...

Oh and what do you mean by calling it the "Gunsmoke" of music talk shows? I don't get the reference. Obviously, the main thing about Gunsmoke is it ran forever but Spectacle has just begun. Guest stars? All music shows have 'em. Elvis looks like Hoss? I'm puzzled.

Sal Nunziato said...

Michael, I do agree that the Bennett show was weak, but it had little to do with the music, which I thought was fine. I just thought Bennett was less than charming. It's one thing for an 80 year old legend to be a bit skeptical of a young rock star. But this show isn't hosted by Pete Wentz. Elvis Costello and Tony Bennett have known each other for years. Bennett seemed put off. As for JT and EC, I thought Crying In The Rain was short and sweet.

Wasn't Hoss on Bonanza?
I have no

dylan said...

new marco benevento album is awesome!

Meanstreets said...

Renee Fleming, the Olympic ice skater, who used to be smokin' hot on SPECTACLE tonight !!!!!

skybar said...

Great stuff! Thanks so much! Can't wait to listen to it all. How about including the fabulous version of "If I Only Had a Brain" or "April 5th" from the Kristofferson/Cash/Jones/Mellencamp show? Would love to hear those too.
Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a billion for this... given the numbers around the finanacial crisis, "thanks a million" no longer suffices. I've been searching the net for downloads of these tracks for weeks... thanks for being the pot o' gold at the end of that rainbow! Any more you can do will be much appreciated. The Renee Fleming/Kate McGarrigle/Rufus Wainwright one would be great. I'd do 'em myself if I knew how, but you seem to have the situation well in hand! Cheers and I'll look forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks and glad you're enjoying the uploads. I did post the "Guitar Pull" episode in its entirety, and I will be doing a "Bestacle Part 2," once the season ends this week.

Meanstreets said...

How awesome was Diana Krall ?.....dusted off my recently re - discovered very impressive " jazz " section & listened to her....and she's smoken' hot too...I now refer to the host of " Spectacle " as " Lucky " Costello...

Barb said...

Spectacle just showed up in Canada (last night was Sir Elton). So I was so thrilled when I found your website. But is the file broken? It gets stuck about a third of the way in (while I had no problems with others off of your site)

Sal Nunziato said...

The file seems to work fine on my end. Please try again and let me know.