Friday, January 9, 2009

"Have A Nice Trip" : THE FREEK-END MIX

Today Jimmy Page celebrates his 65th birthday and my initial thought was to create a mix featuring his fine guitar work with everyone from The Yardbirds, Stephen Stills, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones and of course, Led Zeppelin. But I once got into trouble for simply asking the question "Does anyone have any interest in rare live Zeppelin CDs from Japan?" on a Led Zeppelin forum. The ZEP people don't take kindly to this internet stuff. So, Happy Birthday Jimmy. This weekend's mix is not for you.

The Beatles, Boz Scaggs, ELO, Peter Frampton, The Easybeats, and The Beach Boys are just some of the bands that appear nowhere on this mix, BUT, there is a connection. Any ideas?

Freak out, dudes. Enjoy the trip.


So Much In Love - McGough & McGear
Biff Bang Pow - The Creation

Dear Delilah - Grapefruit

From The Underworld - The Herd
Colour Of My Mind - The Attack

The Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing - Steve Miller Band
Royston Rose - The Koobas

Impostors Of Life's Magazine - The Idle Race
Laura's Garden - Orange Bicycle
My World Fell Down - Sagittarius

Zip File is HERE


Holly Cara Price said...

you're killing me now. mcgough and mcgear? i thought i was the only person who owned this. (both on CD and vinyl!)

anything by a band called orange bicycle has got to be good. just sayin'.

cmealha said...

I think McGear is Paul's brother Mike.
The Herd was Frampton's band.
Steve Miller used to play for Boz Scaggs
... and that's all I got. Don't leave us hanging. Give us answers on your next post

Sal Nunziato said...

Well, Boz played with Steve Miller. Right on McGear and Frampton. Two more to go.

FD13NYC said...

Ummm, ok let's see.
Grapefruit was the first band signed to Apple records

Idle Race was Jeff Lynne's group.

Gary Usher was with Sagittarius, wrote songs with Brian Wilson.

The Koobas were formed in Liverpool in 1962.

Not sure about The Easybeats connection.
That's it, I'm done. Grasping for straws. I'm TRIPPING MAAAAAN!!!