Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If It's Tuesday, January 20 2009, It Must ALSO Be Street Date

Hey! Over here! Just DVR the damn Inauguration! There's a new Bon Iver CD out today. OH...nevermind.

Here's the rundown of new releases for when you pull yourself away from the TV screen.

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed and altogether baffling, "I Am A Bird Now," "Crying Light" is a continuation of Antony's musical journey to "Whatthehellville." Symphonic arrangements by avant-garde classical composer Nico Muhly add to the chances of it not getting airplay.


The follow-up to the critically acclaimed and altogether baffling, "For Emma, Forever Ago," "Blood Bank" is a 4 track e.p., which covers the "darker and lighter natures of the seasons and what they signify." (Remember, slice the vein vertically, not horizontally.)


Second solo album from head New Pornographer Carl Newman picks up where "The Slow Wonder" left off. Short, sharp bursts of power pop, with lots of hooks and harmonies is usually a recipe for a big ol' Sal fest. Unfortunately, the songs don't really differ much from each other and that's what bogs this record of good intentions down. Still worth a listen, even if it begs for Neko Case. (or maybe that was me)


Never heard either of the two records represented on this collection, but this description has piqued my interest.

Digitally remastered collection featuring a pair of albums from the Bubblegum Pop star: It's Now Winter's Day and Phantasy (both released in 1967). Coming off a formidable run of hits, Roe was able to enter the studio with Millenium wunderkind Curt Boettcher and his team (later to become both The Ballroom and Goldenrod) to record these albums. Bizarrely sounding more like group efforts than solo albums, replete with theremins, fuzz guitar, strings and general psych bendiness, not to mention being entirely composed by Roe, they were major triumphs. The follow-up PHANTASY upped the ante even further. Here we have both albums, together for the first time, a key piece in the story of the legendary Curt Boettcher and his associates, and a Californian sunshine psych-pop extravaganza in it's own right. Beautiful songs, great singing and innovative production... who could ask for anything more?

Sign me up.


This is another one of those "you already bought 2 Simply Red anthologies, so here's one more that's almost identical save one or two songs to soak the last bit of life and enthusiasm out of the record buyer" type CDs. It does have a DVD of videos, if that interests you. And a new cover of the Bessie Banks via Moody Blues' hit "Go Now." Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?



This is from Sandra Brennan of All Music:

The formation of BeauSoleil, one of the best known and most highly respected cajun bands in the world, is due to fiddler Michael Doucet's desire to keep the unique southern Louisiana culture and music from extinction. But while BeauSoleil originated to help preserve his cajun musical heritage, over the years it has been also known for its innovation. They are continually adding spice from other musical genres including jazz and Caribbean. In this way, BeauSoleil's keeps the music vital and contemporary.

My Two Cents:

To the uninitiated, Cajun music, like reggae or bossa nova or rockabilly, for that matter, tends to get lost in an aural monotony. You may think it all sounds the same, but there are subtleties and nuances and rhythms and feelings in those genres, and on "Alligator Purse," Beausoleil takes the Cajun two-step to new heights. I want to give some credit to Yep Roc record for recognizing these legends of Louisiana and giving them another shot at reaching the masses. (when I say "masses," I mean...you know...a few more people.)

Hey Mr. President, read my blog and....break a leg.


steve simels said...

Call me insensitive, but if Anthony and the Johnsons aren't the worst band in the history of the world, I don't know who is.

Like a hormonally unbalanced Harry Chapin without the sense of humor.

steve simels said...

Of course, that should have been "Antony". Without the "h".

I regret the error.

They still suck, though.

Meanstreets said...

Hey Burning Wood, how good is the latest BeauSoleil CD ?
Do I buy it or go see them at Joe's Pub in March ? I can't afford to do both...

I did cruise with them round the Hudson last summer, but not the best venue to judge their performance.....I do love them though....always have, always will.

Sal Nunziato said...

Meanstreets--the Beausoleil record is fantastic. Just a joy from head to toe. I'm sure the show will be great, too. Can't make a decision for you.