Monday, January 5, 2009

Ingredients In A Recipe For Swedish Soul

I woke up this morning in a sweat, heart pounding like a Little Ricky drum solo. No, it wasn't my recurring dream of Vanna White giving me vowels for free. For some inexplicable reason I woke up with some Swedish soul music on my mind. "What the..." you may ask, " Swedish soul music?" It is the jumbo shrimp of music genres. And the truth is, I know nothing about The Solution....except for this.

One afternoon, David Fricke was shopping at NYCD, my late, beloved CD empire, and we were talking, you know, Swedish soul music. And he suggested The Solution. It took weeks before I could find a copy of "Communicate," but I did. Thank you, David Fricke.

I wanted to tell you more about this band, but I found very little info on the interweb. Both All Music and eMusic say nothing, but at least eMusic offers the CD for download. There is enough energy oozing off of this record to fire up the deadest of relatives. It a Stax/Volt Revue with a rhythm section from Lund. It packs the wallop and chunk of Nirvana's "Nevermind,"with the ghost of Arthur Conley stalking the grooves. It's a big ol' dance party and it truly has some soul. The drum intro alone screams "I'M SWEDISH AND I'M PLAYING SOUL MUSIC!"

This is "GET ON BACK" by The Solution. Listen HERE and just try not to move or dance some psychotic frug.


FD13NYC said...

Hey Sal, great heads up with The Solution. Nice take on the so called Swedish soul sound. It does make you move and groove. I downloaded it from this site I've been using for quite some time now called mp3Fiesta. Full CDs for $1.98 and seperate tracks for twenty cents each.

I'm watching this sick C-surf movie on the Fox Movie Channel, Surf Party from 1964. It stars Bobby Vinton and if you want to see Jackie DeShannon sing in pajamas and a bathing suit, this movie is for you. Also music by The Routers and The Astronauts.

Check ya later!

Sal Nunziato said...

Jackie D. in pajamas? Sign me up.

soundsource said...

this song would make any blue-eyed soul anthology proud....can I hear you shout monkey time out there.