Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Sorta-Hit Wonders, THE MONROES

"Every weekend, my roommate and I would go to the bowling alley in San Diego where they played just to hear this song. They were AWESOME! "


Anyone know who Emerelle is? This is dedication.

For all you regulars expecting the "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date" post, just hang in there a bit longer. "It's January, So It Must Be Lonely At The Record Store." New releases pick up next week.

In the meantime, dig this. The Monroes.

This is a band with one 5 track E.P. that included one amazing song, and 4 horrible songs that sound nothing like the one amazing song. In all fairness to the band, their label ALFA folded just as the single was rising up the charts and before The Monroes could complete their full album.

Here is that amazing song.


soundsource said...

isn't emerelle that chef from new orleans with the tv show

NYCD Online said...

Amazing song and absolutely hilarious video. I've had the EP since 1982 but had never seen the video until now, so thank you.

steve simels said...

Great song, hilarious vid.

And a total new one on me...thanks!

Michael in New York said...

Great clothes in the video. How do I know this song? Was it on a soundtrack? It peaked at #59 and I do have it on a compilation (Living In Oblivion), but still.... It certainly wasn't played on the radio in South Florida.

FD13NYC said...

To Michael in New York. You probably heard it in the early eighties when the famed DJ Scott Muni from WNEW FM used to start his show off with it quite often. That's how most of us discovered it. The band hailed from San Diego.

Great one hit wonder power pop gem indeed. Enjoy it!

Veronica said...

Even Calmoms get the Blues for NYC

Great driving tune! Loved it when I was in my 30's and still diggiin' it in my YIKES!! 60's. Never saw the
video, Loved it...... thanks for the memories