Friday, February 20, 2009

"FOR SNOOKS:- The Weekend Mix

Some of my earliest New Orleans memories have Snooks Eaglin in the starring role. I mean, everyone knew the Neville Brothers and Al Hirt. And Pete Fountain was a guest of Johnny Carson's almost as much as Charlie Callas. But to see Snooks Eaglin perform, especially on those rare occasions in NYC, was beyond special. Snooks Eaglin was real New Orleans. He brought the warmth and charm with him, and I am sure he took some back home. Snooks Eaglin will be missed.

This mix is "For Snooks."


Walk Don't Run (Live at Tramps, 1993)
C.C. Rider
Teasin' You
The Chokin' Kind
Young Boy Blues
My Love Is Strong
I Get The Blues When It Rains
I Done Got Over It
By The Water



Snooks Eaglin
January 21, 1936 - February 18, 2009


Kevin Riley said...

Thanks for the tribute. I've loved Snooks' music since the first Black Top release, and I always loved "A Certain Door" from that.

shadreck said...

Thanks for Snooks. Great.