Friday, June 3, 2011


Forgive the repost. I'm offering this again for two reasons. The first, I got caught up in some shit last night, so I didn't prepare. My apologies. The second, I was just listening to it and it's really something else. Plus, a bunch of you may have missed it first go around.

Well, here it is, by popular demand, the "GUITAR PULL" episode of SPECTACLE in its entirety...less Mellencamp's "Small Town." The great "Deerfried" who has been generously uploading the videos onto You Tube, seemed to have missed it. If it turns up, I'll post it for completists.

In the meantime, enjoy the audio from one of the most incredible nights of televised music in recent memory. The show is nothing but highlights.

There is the beautifully haunting "April 5th," a song co-written via e-mail by Rosanne Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Elvis Costello, and originally written about in Miss Cash's wonderful NYT piece which you can read HERE. Was anyone as amazed as I was over Elvis' falsetto?

Or how about the effortless low harmony Norah Jones sings on "Seven Year Ache?"

Or Kris' pair of moving solo turns?

As I said, every song is a moment.

Dig in.

Big River
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Seven Year Ache
How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart
From Sulfur To Sugarcane
April 5th
Here Comes That Rainbow Again

Longest Days

Me & Bobby McGee



Ken D said...

Thanks for stoking my crush on Rosanne C.

If I believed in reincarnation, I think I'd want to come back as John Leventhal... an ace musician, top-drawer producer, and a genius babe for a wife!

skybar said...

Thanks a million, Sal. Spectacle is so mind-blowing--every week there are once-in-a-lifetime performances. It's stunning. Sadly, only 2 shows left before it's over.

I happened to have been in the audience for the Guitar Pull show (2nd row! Quite an experience! ) and you're right--Elvis' falsetto was pretty electrifying.

Of course, Deerfried has posted more great stuff from the Jenny Lewis show...

And by the way...thanks also for linking to Roseanne Cash's article from The Times. That was really something! She's a wonderful writer. Her blog is great, too.

Les said...

Thanks, you're right, did miss it the first time. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What Les said. And dumb must Rodney Crowell be?

Anonymous said...

Listening to this right now. Wow! Thank you, Sal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for this share. Sweet music indeed.


Anonymous said...

how far Kris has come, the last time I saw him he had to sleep on a wooden table in the middle of the afternoon so he could sing that night at the show. He told Rita to go out and walk the boardwalk.