Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Prostate cancer and a loss of blood during a recent hospital stay have slowed down the great New Orleans legend, Snooks Eaglin. I've read that he is making a peaceful recovery, but I can't be sure. With the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival approaching, I start to think about these great musicians with even more enthusiasm than usual.

Here's Snooks and a very dapper George Porter Jr. on bass, (not sure who the drummer is) from a late 80s performance at NYC's Lone Star Roadhouse. I love the video, but I think I like the commentary below the video even more. This is courtesy of SHANE7181980.

snooks is the one....he's playin BLIND with no pick on a approx. $300 Squier telecaster (MADE IN CHINA)!and plays it better than a person with perfect vision on a $1200 AMERICAN made guitar...He really is a LEGEND an "Unsung hero" if you will! He doesn't have the recognition he deserves. Its a shame to think it but he probably will not get the recognition he deserves until he's not here to see it.



Anonymous said...

Leave it to you to dig up something like this . I believe the show was 1990 and I was there . A package show with Snooks , Johnny Adams, Ruth Brown and someone else . (I'd have to see if I still have the stub and if I wrote on it ). The drummer is the great Kenny Blevins.

steve simels said...

If I ever have a kid, I want to name him either Snooks or Earl the Pearl.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

there were no made in chine squiers in the late 80's,it is a very nice made in japan one.