Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE COOL JERKS ARE BACK! (Shameless Plug #1)

I sing and play drums in a band. We are The Cool Jerks and we play the best of Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Earl King and more. Like all bands, we have our ups and downs. Sometimes in the middle of our Phil & Don type discussions, we manage to pull off some incredible music. I mean, we are 7 guys over 40 (I'm being nice) and we have a lot on our minds. It can't always be a party.

Last night's rehearsal found The Cool Jerks at the top of their game. The band fell into a pocket and couldn't escape if we tried. And no one threw anything at anybody...not even Peter. I love rehearsals like that.

Our next gig is on March 19th at Desmond's Tavern. It would be great to see you New York City, tri-state readers there.

As for my beloved band members, we still have two weeks to get some matching red outfits for our opening number. AND I know a dancer who'd love to help us out with the choreography. It worked for The Temptations.

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soundsource said...

who does this peter guy think he is ray davies ? and what kind of a word verification word is phimp what is that like a pimping chimp ?