Monday, March 23, 2009

"Derek" And The Allman Brothers

As promised, here is the Allman Brothers' set with Eric Clapton, from Thursday, 3/19.

Nate Chinen's full review from the NYT is HERE

I was called a "grumpy, old man" on these very pages in response to my disappointment over seeing the boys from Phish on my one visit to the Beacon Theater during this Allmans' run. I've been called worse AND deserved it. But after listening to the Brothers and Boz set I posted earlier, and now this stellar set with E.C., am I wrong for simply expressing my misery over what seemed like extended noodling? I'm just not a phfan. That does not make me grumpy or old.

Well, enjoy the damn free music and get off my lawn, boy!

Derek & The Brothers ZIP FILE


charlie c. said...

Ya might have got a little grumpy there for a spell young feller . . . that's all I'm saying!
But the contrary-wise against the stream, piss and vinegar informed musical opinions are what makes this here place Burning Wood and not something that it ain't. That and zip files hot out of the oven . . . !!!!!
Don't go changing there Mister Doomsday -- I'm knee deep in Phish-heads in my little corner of the univers as it is!
Thanks for the tunes!

FD13NYC said...

Sal, let's face it, we're all getting older and we all get grumpy. Music is to be appreciated and also criticized. I like the Allman Bros, maybe 6 or 8 of their songs, but as for Phish, I admit not ever listening to song one. Who cares! I never liked jam bands anyway. Keep blasting away my friend, that's what makes The Wood fresh and interesting.

As always, excellent zip files. Keep 'em coming. You should market them. Peace Man!!

Michael in New York said...

Yes, market those illegal zip files! Grumpy old man is a compliment! I've never been to the Allman Bro stand and would love to but I would go to just about any night EXCEPT the night featuring Phish. That would spoil any concert.

Anonymous said...

You should share the entire show. our sound quality is great. I can't find the entire thing anywhere.
Much appreciation,