Friday, March 27, 2009

"Give The Drummer Some" : THE WEEKEND MIX

How do you know when a drummer is at your door?

He doesn't know when to come in.

This weekend's mix highlights some of my favorite moments from my favorite drummers.

It's (almost) never about the solo, but the groove and the space. A few here need no introduction, but I will say this about Ringo Starr: if anyone has any doubt about him being one of the greatest rock and roll drummers of all time, this live version of "Roll Over Beethoven" should convert the non-believers.

In terms of creativity, it's hard to beat Bill Bruford's on this King Crimson track from the album "Red."

My favorite drummer still working harder than any musician I have ever known, is New Orleans' great Stanton Moore. It doesn't get badder than this. (You know, when I say "bad," I mean good, right?)This track is from his most recent release on Telarc, "Emphasis! (On Parenthesis)

(Photo taken by me from last night's performance at The Highline Ballroom, featuring Will Bernard, John Medeski, Andy Hess, and Stanton Moore. Review and more pics coming Monday.)

Representing my favorite drummer of all time is the backing track from a song that you all should know. John Bonham was otherworldly, a powerhouse, a madman and a machine.

And here is the man that created that shuffle, BERNARD PURDIE.

Now, I did say "almost" never about the solo. The video at the top of the post is from Frank Sinatra's "Concert For the Americas" from 1982. Here is Buddy Rich with what I think is the single greatest live performance by any drummer. Yes, the solo is sick! But, it's his finesse on the cymbals, his speed, his snare dynamics, and his cool--specifically that move from 2:38-2:42. And he's wearing a tuxedo.


Leaving Here- The Who (KEITH MOON)
Roll Over Beethoven (Live) - The Beatles (RINGO STARR)
Barracuda - Heart (MICHAEL DEROSIER)
(at the) Maple Leaf - Stanton Moore (STANTON MOORE)
Bad Reputation- Thin Lizzy (BRIAN DOWNEY)
Fire - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (MITCH MITCHELL)
She Sells- Roxy Music (PAUL THOMPSON)
One More Red Nightmare- King Crimson (BILL BRUFORD)
Fool In The Rain (Backing track) Led Zeppelin (JOHN BONHAM)



The Phantom Creep said...

Never been a Zeppelin fan, except for a couple of songs, but I have to agree with you about "Fool in the Rain."

cmealha said...

I'm with you on Ringo, Bonham, Moon and Bruford. Here are some more that I either enjoyed listening to or watching while they played.

Tommy Aldridge-Black Oak Arkansas
-Best drum solo I ever saw live.

Dino Danelli-Young Rascals
- My first concert ever was the Young Rascals at Carnegie Hall. He left a lasting impression

John Farriss-INXS
Larry Mullen Jr-U2
Denny Carmassi-Montrose

Benny Benjamin-Motown
Richard Allen-Motown
Uriel Jones-Motown

Dave said...

Sal, that's the lead singer who doesn't know when to come in.

You know it's the drummer when the knocking speeds up and slows down. (And you can get him off your doorstep by paying for the pizza.)

We guitarists are unlike savings bonds because savings bonds will eventually mature and make money.

Thanks, I'll be here all week... Don't forget to tip your waitstaff!

geno said...

I had one artist tell me in an aside that, "Ya know, Gene, really good guitarists are everywhere. But finding a good drummer is really the hardest part of starting a band."
As Mick said on "Got Live If You Want It", "Charlie's good tonight, innit he?"

steve simels said...

What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?


charlie c. said...

drummer jokes, more music and all that jazz -- what about Chick Webb? Supposedly influenced Rich and others. Little known, but highly regarded . . .

Nora Charles said...

Great list, Sal!

What do you call a drummer in a suit?

The defendant!

Rushbo said...

How can you tell that there's a lead vocalist at your door?

...he tries to come in with the wrong key...

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, please try the veal, it's delicious....

PS...what do you call a big building full of guitarists...