Friday, March 6, 2009

M.V.N.P-Live At Tipitina's: "THE WEEKEND MIX"

I've been wanting to share this one for ahwile. In short, this is one of the single greatest New Orleans moments I have ever experienced.

The scene is New Year's weekend, 2003. I had been in New Orleans a few days already, spent New Year's Eve at the House Of Blues with Jon Cleary, experienced parades, fireworks, food, drink, and the usual Crescent City spontanaiety that keeps you on your toes. This was a truly incredible week that was coming to a close. I had one more night of music.

The show was billed as M.V.N.P..

The lineup:

Drummers extraordinaire Stanton Moore & John Vidacovich
Bass- George Porter Jr.
Keys- Ivan Neville

With Special Guest-Cyril Neville

Got to Tipitina's about 9:45 and the place was less than half full. Bad for the band. Perfect for me.

Before I go any further, let me just say that as a drummer, watching these two New Orleans' treasures at work is both spiritual and outright frustrating. Their abilities astound me and at the same time, make me want to sell my sticks and by a kazoo.

It is now 10:15 and James Brown's "The Payback" is cranking on the loud speaker. It's hard not to move along with the music. (This James Brown guy is bad-ass.) Stanton Moore takes the stage first, gets behind his kit, and starts to get comfortable, playing along with James. Then, George Porter plugs in, and does the same. Next, Ivan Neville. The sound guy fades out"The Payback"and we now have M,N and P kicking things off. At about 1:16 into track one, you can hear Johnny V. joining in and what you have is 4 of New Orleans finest musicians doing what they do best.

The show is loose, to say the least. I'm not really sure the band knew what was coming next. But watching this unfold as the crowd got larger and the band got hotter, was exactly the type of night you usually only hear about in New Orleans.


Payback Jam
Fun To Play The Drums
On The Right Track
Same Thing
Jack Shee
Too Rude
Sick & Tired
Just Kissed My Baby
Welcome To New Orleans
Chicken Strut


I'd like to thank Richard and Stanton for this wonderful tape.



charlie c. said...

"this is one of the single greatest New Orleans moments I have ever experienced"
hardly faint praise! it must be great to finally have a copy -- thanks for the zip . . . i will give a listen!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus on a Triscuit, this is some good stuff. Thanks for sharing

charlie c. said...

demands a couple of listens -- multiple layers, very cool indeed!
who's singing the "playing my drums" song?!?
and is it stanton on the left and johnny v on the right?

Sal Nunziato said...

That's Johnny V. on "Fun To Play The Drums," and he is on the left. Glad you're digging it.