Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Romantics- Take Two

Before The Romantics took over MTV in the 80s with their power pop monster "What I Like About You," the song, from their killer 1979 debut barely reached the top 40, peaking at only number 49.

Earlier than that, the band had released two indie singles, the second, "Tell It To Carrie" b/w "First In Line" was released on the infamous Bomp label in 1978. "Tell It To Carrie" just happens to be my favorite song by these Detroit rockers, and it did indeed end up on their major label debut.

Here is a ZIP FILE of both the indie single and the album version. Personally, I think the early single is far superior. Listen and weigh in.


steve simels said...

Saw them before they were signed...I think at the bizarre Club 82 in NYC. Possibly the week Elvis died, but I'm not sure.

They were wearing the suits, but they looked very uncomfortable with the air conditioning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sal: Here is a revised version of my previous post, please use this one, Thanks!

Re; the Romantics - Steve, the gig with the Romantics was at Copperfield's on 8th Street. The catacombs firetrap with it's rear exit chained shut (to prevent the junkies form sneaking in and stealing band gear) so if there ever was a fire by the front entrance everyone in the joint was roasted meat!

The Hounds (Simels' band that I tried to manage) were headlining and I arranged for the PA that night (that dump never had it's own PA). We were to share the cost of the PA with the other bands including the Romantics. After the gig the Romantics manager begged me to let them off the hook for $5 of their share of the PA cost so they could eat down the street at McDonalds. I laid out the $5 for them out of my wallet because you cheap bastards would of given me hell for coming up $5 short. Well not all of you, mostly David.

So anyway the Romantics obviously didn't starve and went on to their successes. Every time I hear "What I Like About You" on the radio I feel it's time they pay me back my five bucks.


Sal - Thanks for finally letting me tell this story, I've waiting for over 30 years to vent! Ah, the good old days!