Monday, April 13, 2009


It seemed as if this week was about to get away from me. I had a writing assignment (more on that at a later date) in Lake Hopatcong (I swear) that was going to keep me away from Burning Wood for a few days. That, and some family curve balls that I can't get any good wood on at the moment, set the table for a week of fairly light blogging. So, I prepared some back-up, strictly to entertain my devoted readers. I wouldn't want to lose you NOW!

I found out just minutes ago that I don't to go to Jersey. Jersey will come to me. So, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This clip, one of my favorite clips EVAH, was what I had in queue and it is too good to pass up, Hopatcong or not Hopatcong.

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soundsource said...

and you even got to smoke a cigarette on tv in those days. great way to start the week thanks mr wood.