Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faith, Junk, P&G, and a Bonehead

"Part of the fun of rock and roll is getting to slag what you don't like."

A friend of Burning Wood made that comment in response to my recent post on music, and why we apologize for our musical tastes. Good point...I guess, except that a few years ago at the P&G bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, someone referred to John Hiatt's "Have A Little Faith In Me" as "junk." I shouldn't have taken this bonehead too seriously. He also started screaming about how "Ted Nugent is a underrated poet."

Wango Tango
Wango Tango
It's a Wango Tango
Ooooh yeah! (oooooh..)

(I feel like Steve Allen)

Fun? Maybe. But some things are just off limits and his "slagging" of Hiatt's "Have A Little Faith" was not fun.

And in some barely related news, this week, I was turned on to a song from Duncan Sheik's acclaimed musical "Spring Awakening" called "My Junk." Pretty amazing tune; about 2:30 of pop perfection. And, by the way...not the same junk. It would be pointless to go into the background or book of "Spring Awakening." It has already made its mark on the theater world and I'm really not the guy to write about it properly, or at all really. I guess I was just pleasantly surprised that, like "Wicked," which I also talked about in the aforementioned post, I missed out on some genuinely moving material. "My Junk" knocked me out, as I am sure, the rest of "Spring Awakening" would have...if I saw it.

I doubt that this Nugent-loving bonehead who made the comment about John Hiatt's brilliant tune ever saw "Spring Awakening," so I'm pretty sure his "junk" comment had no clever alternate meaning. And for the record, I love about 15 Ted Nugent songs. I just love "Have A Little Faith In Me" more.

Enjoy the video and please forgive my overuse of the words "bonehead" and "junk."


soundsource said...

sometimes I just don't understand your musical prejudices. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfied, when you look up Robert Frost in the encyclopedia there's a picture of Ted Nugent. I mean next to those guys from The Beatles (or maybe that jew from Minnesota) Ted is the most brilliant lyricist in pop music history.

Pun said...

Hey, thanks so much for the shout out to Spring Awakening! Here's a link to a video of the original Broadway cast singing My Junk at a concert in the park:

And you don't have to bemoan that you missed it. It's in 18 countries around the world and doing a North American tour. Here's a link to the tour blog for more info:

Thanks again!
Pun (works for Spring Awakening)