Friday, May 29, 2009

"South Astoria Toodle-OO" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Yesterday's post about Jaco put me in an unusual Burning Wood position. I always assume that everyone is thinking what I'm thinking. And what I'm usually thinking is that the majority of Burning Wood readers care little about jazz. This is based on nothing, mind you. Before I continue, check out this tidbit I grabbed from sportscaster Len Berman's daily e-mail blast:

Quick, what percentage of New York City residents follow Major League
Baseball? While you ponder, I've long believed that the great myth is
that everyone is a sports fan. I maintain the majority of people don't
follow sports. That's one reason my Top 5 has been so successful.
Non-sports fans are intimidated into thinking they're in the minority
what with ESPN, talk radio and the tabloids.
Now the answer: New York City fancies itself as the "baseball capital
of the world," but according to a new Marist poll, a whopping 61%
don't follow Major League baseball. Ah, that explains the empty luxury
seats, or not.

(I highly recommend Len Berman's Top 5 e-mail, which you can sign up for at But, I digress.)

Maybe Burning Wood readers have been pining for a little jazz.

This "WEEKEND MIX" is by no means my statement on jazz. It is not meant to be definitive, or a lesson, or songs from albums I think you need to own. This mix was put together with the sole purpose of creating a listening experience. Miles, Duke, Monk, blah blah blah. I know and you know and I know that you know. They are here in spirit...but not on the mix.

Here are some tunes that I find myself going back to often. Very often. Every one of these performances smacks me hard. From Greg Osby's unique arrangement of the Ellington classic, to Lewis Nash's mind-boggling drum solo on Joe Lovano's Vanguard tribute, every song here will hopefully kickstart something you didn't know you had in you. Listen, enjoy, and buy these records, if ya dig it.


East St. Louis Toodle-OO - Greg Osby (from St. Louis Shoes)

Maria - Eric Reed (from Pure Imagination)

Merci Bon Dieu- Charlie Rouse (from Bossa Nova Bacchanal)

Bemsha Swing - Leon Parker (from Above & Below)

It Don't Mean A Thing -Lynne Arriale Trio (from Inspiration)

Greasy -Jackie McLean (from New Soil)

Within You, Without You - Ken Peplowski (from Little Dogs, yet to be released)

Kinda Dukish- Jason Moran (from Black Stars)

I Found A New Baby- Lester Young/Harry Edison (from Pres & Sweets)

Spring Can Really Hang You Up - David Torkanowsky (from Steppin' Out)

At The Vanguard- Joe Lovano Nonet (from On This Day At The Vanguard)


And while you're listening, check out my reviews of Allen Toussaint & Marcus Roberts over at the fine ALTERCATION site.


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