Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"It seems to me, I've heard that song before"

Here's my thought for the day:

Cheap Trick has been on a non-stop tour since 1976. And while the current trend of bands performing one classic album in its entirety has become less of a lagniappe and more of a necessity, it is only right that we hail CT has one of the forefathers of this practice. (1998 saw the boys recreating their first three classic releases on consecutive nights in selected cities. It seemed special in 1998. The practice has become commonplace since.)

Now I'm not one to complain (settle down) but..has anyone noticed Cheap Trick's set lists lately? Here is one from last month in California:

01. Hello There
02. Big Eyes
03. California Man
04. Welcome to The World
05. If You Want My Love
06. She's Tight
07. Heaven Tonight
08. I Want You To Want Me
09. I Know What I Want
10. Best Friend
11. Don't Be Cruel
12. The Flame
13. Surrender
14. Goodnight
15. Dream Police
16. Auf Wiedersehen

Here's one from The Wiltern in L.A.,2006:

1. "Hello There"
2. "Big Eyes"
3. "Oh, Candy"
4. "Welcome to the World"
5. "If You Want My Love"
6. "Come on Come on Come on"
7. "Best Friend"
8. "I Want You to Want Me"
9. "I Know What I Want"
10. "Voices"
11. "It Takes a Lifetime"
12. "The Flame"
13. "That '70s Song"
14. "Surrender"
15. "Dream Police"
16. "Auf Wiedersehen"
17. "Goodnight"

Here's one from Irvine, Ca.,2008

Hello There
Big Eyes
Welcome to the World
If You Want My Love
California Man
She’s Tight
I Want You to Want Me
I Can’t Take It
The Flame
Dream Police

They seem quite lazy to me. I mean, is there any CT fan who would balk at hearing more than one song from either say... "Next Position Please," the near-perfect 1983 release produced by Todd Rundgren, or their brilliant debut, or "One On One" or maybe something other than the same two songs from "Dream Police." My point is, why do so many bands fall into this rut; 300 songs in their catalogue, but they keep playing the same 15.

This still has do with my post. Just felt like ranting in hopes of Bun E. Carlos seeing my blog and asking me to put together my dream Cheap Trick set list.

My real thought for the day is this:

"Heaven's Falling," a song written by Todd Rundgren from the aforementioned, Todd Rundgren produced "Next Position Please," is the same song as "Crybaby,"a song written by Todd Rundgren from 1984's Todd & Utopia release "Oblivion," isn't it? I mean...just listen. It's not me.



steve simels said...

Maybe Bun's more into Tinted Windows, his supergroup with the kid from Hanson and Adam Schlesinger.

Pretty good album, IMHO.

FD13NYC said...

Valid point on the set lists. Is it that they're lazy and don't want to play different songs from their vast catalogue? Or, do they just play what the they think and know the people want to hear, probably in fear of boring the crowd.

The new CD is pretty good, 3-4 listenable songs. I like When The Lights Are Out and California Girl plus a couple of others. Same formula, but that's why they've been around for so many years, and yes, if they played these songs live people would be scratching their heads waiting for Surrender and I Want You To Want Me. Go figure.

Sal Nunziato said...

I see your point Frank regarding Surrender & I Want You To Want Me, but at this stage in their career, do you think they are making new fans, or are playing to the die-hards? And if they are playing to the die-hards, do the die-hards want to hear, "The Flame?"

FD13NYC said...

You're right Sal, they're probably or defintely not making any new fans, just us die hards, agreed. I personally would like to hear something a little different in their sets. Liking them as much as I do, I would listen to whatever they played live. Or maybe they are trying to attract new fans by playing the same old songs that attracted us.

FD13NYC said...

By the way, Sal, what would be your dream Cheap Trick set list?