Monday, June 8, 2009

Wild Child

1987; Universal Amphitheatre. Hollywood, CA.

The excitement I felt over the double bill of The Psychedelic Furs and The Untouchables was beyond reason. My friend had to double and triple check the ticket stub to confirm it wasn't The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. (I hated the 80s and the 80s hated me back.)

This past weekend saw some beautiful weather in NYC, so naturally, I stayed inside and unpacked a few boxes of vinyl. I did unearth some winners, including some still-unavailable-on-CD winners like Jules Shear's Demo-itis, the first 2 Carolyn Mas albums on Mercury--anyone remember "Stillsane" and It's Important?"---and the Warner Brothers Loss Leader "All Meat," in a glorious gatefold jacket and featuring the Phil Spector produced Cher/Harry Nilsson duet "A Love Like Yours." (Another tune you need to hear)

I found "Wild Child" by The Untouchables, as well, and that is what made the turntable before all else. This West Coast band looked like The Specials, or any Ska band from the 70s or 80s, but their sound was more like a great bar band playing reggae-tinged soul music. Record still sounds great! You can get it HERE or over at eMusic.

I can't remember anything at all about the show, how I got home, or what else I did for those 2 weeks in California, other than eat as Alice's Restaurant in Westwood every night. But with The Furs touring behind their not bad "Midnight To Midnight" album and yesterday's visit with the excellent 'Wild Child" album, maybe my excitement was somewhat valid.

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FD13NYC said...

Hey Sal, I thought you sold all your vinyl long ago to Kenny and others. You must have unearthed some good finds in those boxes. If you could, when you get around to it, I'd like to have that Cher/Nilsson song. I used to have that too.

Still working on getting the Brains song, very hard. F