Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bruce, Atlantic City, 3/7/03

My friend and I drove 3 plus hours to this show and 3 plus hours back. (maybe a bit less coming back) I know rock and roll fans do this all the time. It's just that I don't...usually. We parked on a side street, you know, one of those blocks you never buy in Monopoly, right in front of some topless bar, and not a second after attaching "The Club," we were "invited" by two "women" to come inside and have some fun. I was polite and explained, "I would Ma'am, but I think he will open with 'Atlantic City' tonight. Thank you and don't forget to drink a lot of water."

I have some other memories of that evening, as well. This one tune, especially. It's not uncommon to hear a band cover The Beatles in concert. But, I cant recall ever hearing too many versions of "Tell Me Why."

(He did open with "Atlantic City." But you knew that.)



steve simels said...

You know, I'd download that zip file of the Beatles song, but I know if I did it would only reject me and I'd be frustrated.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Sal , you know those Jersey girls , they're wild , you coulda had a great time !

cmealha said...

"Tell Me Why" is one of my faves. When I downloaded it at work and had to play it low. Didn't get to excited. When I got home I cranked it up and was blown away. Bruce is in fine form and the band is with him all the way. Only wish I had been there and had an HD version of the video. Thanks.