Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Wilco (The Town Hall Show)"- 10th Anniversary Re-Post

Ten years ago today, a night I'll never forget and a show I almost didn't see.

It was a little over 2 weeks after the horrific attacks on the USofA, and I don't know if anyone was truly ready to just "go about their business." But many did, as did I.

I remember being uncomfortable, as if someone would see me.

Two very specific memories from this Town Hall show:

1.) The way Jeff Tweedy approached the whole evening. It turned me into a fan for life.

2) I completely lost it during "Reservations."


I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
I'm Always In Love
War On War
Pick Up The Change
She's A Jar
Why Would You Wanna LIve
Hesitating Beauty/One By One
Should've Been In Love
A Shot In The Arm
Ashes Of An American Flag
I Can't Stand It
I'm the Man Who Loves You
Passenger Side
California Stars
Reservations/Sunken Treasure
I Got You



Anonymous said...

Thanks , you are the man ! Did you go to any good restaurants in the area ?

Chris Swartout said...

f I saw you I'd kiss you (but in a manly way!)

downloading now.

Will give my book report on Saturday's show next week.

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Anon, I am supposed to get that but I am drawing a blank. Help please.

jon said...

i saw wilco in central park thursday. they mentioned the town hall shows, how it's been just about ten years and they remember those shows very well, talked a bit about how the yankee hotel foxtrot songs had their meanings changed forever, and then played war on war into jesus etc.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Dylan at MSG a couple weeks after that. Similar feeling--is this really right? Also, scary being in a big crowd in a public place. But an amazing, affirmative show. One of the great music experiences of my life.

Bruce H

stu said...

sal -- what did Tweedy do that endeared you to him?

Sal Nunziato said...


It was just his whole vibe. He didn't come out and "rock" the place, yet he somehow knew he had a job to do. It was a very heavy night. I also have a vague memory of someone yelling out "rock and roll" after a string of low-key tunes, and Tweedy saying something applause-worthy. Sorry, it's been ten years.

Noam Sane said...

Been listening while I putter around at work on a rainy afternoon.

Really great show that just builds and builds. Thanks.

Anything Should Happen said...

I had the pleasure of chatting to him about five or so years ago.

He twigged that I was a Mott The Hoople fan and that was all he wanted to talk about.

As well as someone who can hold an audience, he is first and fourmost a music fan.

Top Top Man!

Sal Nunziato said...


He also cites "Paris 1919" as a big influence. John Cale? Mott? He should start a blog.