Monday, August 17, 2009

Brendan Benson- My Old, Familiar Friend

I first heard Brendan Benson while tracking down some Jason Falkner demos someone told me about. This was back in 1995, and as it turned out, the songs I got hold of were actually Brendan Benson demos that featured Jason Falkner. Since then, both Benson and Falkner have released some of my favorite records of the last 10 years. The demos I mentioned ended up on Benson's 1996 release "One Mississippi," an album that can slap you like an early Who record and then sweeten you up like a Colin Blunstone ballad.

Benson has quietly released 2 more brilliant records, 2002's "Lapalco," and 2005's "The Alternative To Love," as well as loudly been part of Jack White's middle side project "The Raconteurs." All fine stuff, these records here. But it is what hits the street tomorrow, where Brendan Benson may take over the world.

"My Old Familiar Friend," Benson's 4th solo record is not only the best of his career, but a sure fire candidate for the one of the best records of the year.

You can listen to the whole thing HERE, but be forewarned, once you start, you may not stop.

The formula hasn't changed; great riffs, killer hooks, big choruses and smart lyrics. Benson's transition from New Wave rocker on one song to Motown crooner on another is as smooth as silk. "My Old, Familiar Friend" plays like a greatest hits CD, with every song better than the next. I've had this CD for a month and each time I play it, I am truly sorry when it is over.

OK, enough gushing for a Monday morning.

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Dave said...

Thanks, Sal! I'll be looking for this when I go to get the new Joe Henry tomorrow...