Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here Is Barbara Lynn

From the brilliant and long-lost Texas (or was it Nashville) tv show "The !!! Beat," here is Miss Barbara Lynn, my vote for the coolest lady in R&B. She's playing a lefty, Telecaster, for Pete's sake.

Six volumes of "The !!! Beat," all 26 episodes of the 1966 show in outstanding quality, can be found HERE. Every once in a while, a premium priced DVD set comes along that is worth every penny of its list price. These is those.


The Phantom Spitter said...

Good lord, that's amazing.

Seriously, words fail me.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff!

Noam Sane said...

I discovered Barbara Lynn via the Funky 16 Corners blog (highly recommended - Google it). Some seriously great music - check out "Why Can't You Love Me" or "I'm A Good Woman" sometime.

As good as anything released during that era. All I can guess is that she didn't have the payola machine working for her. Should have been all over the radio.

Gonna check out that DVD set. Thnx Sal.

Dave said...

Definitely Nashville (although I think the show was syndicated). I've never seen that clip before -- I'm still the proud owner of this 45 on Monument Records, a label that should be renowned for a lot more than Roy Orbison.

Ken D said...

FYI, Barbara Lynn is playing at the Bell House in Brooklyn on August 28th.