Friday, August 7, 2009

"In The Snakepit"- THE WEEKEND MIX

There's no need for me to apologize for the musical content of this "WEEKEND MIX." Musically, it's pretty damn awesome. Like, really. I'm just sorry I can't offer up more information. Here's what I could tell you.

Soon after "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" was released, the wonderful film about The Funk Brothers, the musicians behind all of those Motown hits, I became obsessed, as I am wont to do...about everything. I needed more than just the handful of unreleased tracks offered up on the official soundtrack. I had read about old vinyl copies of Earl Van Dyke and his band doing instrumental versions of the hits we all grew up dancing in the streets to, but I needed to have them all.

I don't remember how I came across the CD, the "Funk Brothers- In The Snakepit," but I love it. It appeared to be a collection of instrumental backing tracks. But upon further listening, I noticed that some of the tracks are different than the released vocal versions we are familiar with. This can't be an official release, and I can't find any real info on where the "unofficial" compilers got all of this material.

It doesn't matter. There is one copy available on Amazon for $150. Or you can UNZIP the file and enjoy these hall of fame musicians doing what they do best.


True Fine Boy
I Can't Help Myself
Needle In A Haystack
Reach Out (I'll Be There)
I'll Always Love You
I Miss You Baby (How I Miss You)
When I'm Gone
Take Me In Your Arms (And Rock A Little While)
Didn't We
24 Hours (To Find My Baby)
Come On And See Me
Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart
I'll Be Doggone
On The Avenue
Keep On Loving Me
I'm So Glad (Heartaches Don't Always Last)
Sweet Thing
All The Time



Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, thanks for saving me $150, i love you!!!

steve simels said...


You're too much, my friend-- this is great.

soundsource said...

Really GREAT DL (intentional caps), Thank You Mr. Wood

Anonymous said...

I'm truly thrilled to see this album available to download...This is music that (until now) was sadly missing from my library...Thanks (and where can I make that donation?)...Steven (father of feldmania)