Monday, August 31, 2009

Look Ma, No Hard Drive

Just two days before the first birthday of Burning Wood, and rather than being caught up in the excitement of creating the ultimate, celebratory, week-long mix of music, I sit and mourn the (temporary?) loss of my beloved HD which held my beloved library of music...among other things. (Save the "I can't believe you didn't back it all up" comments for another time. Please.)

The ideas have been making brief appearances in my brain, before almost instantaneously being shot down by that voice that says, "Oh yeah...right. No HD"

I have a friend who attended the Peter Frampton concert last night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, and coincidentally, I happened to sell two semi-rare Japanese Peter Frampton CDs yesterday morning, that I had been sitting on for months. If that wasn't enough, when I took a walk yesterday afternoon, the first song that came on my iPod shuffle was "I Wanna Go To The Sun." Really! I swear! I never got a chance to tell my friend these serendipitous occurrences before she headed out to the show. I thought it would have made for a good vibe, something desperately needed since she was already starting out two steps behind being in Jersey and all, so I thought, "Why not? Let's start the week-long celebration with a tribute to Peter Frampton. Some Humble Pie, a rare track or two by The Herd, blah blah...

....OH YEAH...right. No HD."

Then it occurred to me, "You never got to post that New Orleans mix commemorating the 4th anniversary of Katrina. Let's get THAT mix up there right away. OH yeah...right. No HD."

Like Michael McDonald says, "I keep fuhgett'n."

Then, I noticed a friend on Facebook had cited the Beach Boys' "Love You" as one of his favorite Beach Boys' albums. (I find that record hilarious; not a word you want to associate with a legendary music group.) I decided to give it a long-awaited revisit, while reading the Peter Buck liner notes. Okay, I give in. It is charming, I guess, and maybe unintentionally hilarious. Still not killing me, killed me enough to at least share one of the few laughs I've had since know....HD incident.

Here is what Peter Buck says about the song "Johnny Carson":

At once, the most chilling and ridiculous song on the album, Johnny Carson epitomize "Love You" to most people. With its arrangement alternating between glacial calm and a jolly sing-along, and its lyrics being so seemingly straightforward, one can only wonder why in the world would anybody spend that much time thinking about Johnny Carson.

Well Peter, I think about Johnny a lot. That seems less ridiculous than the song itself.

He sits behind his microphone
John-ny Car-son
He speaks in such a manly tone
John-ny Car-son

Ed McMahon comes on and says "Here's Johnny"
Every night at eleven thirty he's so fonny
It's (nice) to (have) you (on) the (show) tonight
I've seen (your) act (in) Vegas out of sight

When guests are boring he fills up the slack
John-ny Car-son
The network makes him break his back
John-ny Car-son

Ed McMahon comes on and says "Here's Johnny"
Every night at eleven thirty he's so fonny
Don't (you) think (he's) such (a) natural guy
The (way) he's (kept) it (up) could make you cry

Who's a man that we admire?
Johnny Carson is a real live wire.
Who's a man that we admire?
Johnny Carson is a real live wire.
Who's a man that we admire?
Johnny Carson is a real live wire.
Who's the man that we admire?
Johnny Carson is a real live wire


steve simels said...

Perhaps this will brighten your day.

Chris Swartout said...

OK Sal, I have an idea. I have a hard drive with a ton of my music on it. Not everything by a longshot, but a lot. Even the entire Jellyfish box set! I recently bought a new one that I am using.

I'll happily send you my old hard drive with everything I have on it. Granted there are a few iTunes things that probably won't work, but there is still plenty on it. Granted, nothing like anything that you have posted here, but my taste in music isn't horrible (bonus - plenty of jazz and my wife's classical collection too) and you could use it to begin to build up your library again.
Think of it like a rock and roll version of an Amish barn raising. Everyone could help.

If you didn't want to send an old hard drive, you could make mp3 discs and send them to Sal. That would work too.

Give me an address and I'll get it off to you in the next day or so.

email address is cswartout *AT*

Let me know.

John Rosenfelder said...

we can rebuild it. we can make it better than it was before. better, stronger, faster.

Michael in New York said...

Re: Beach Boys. It is in fact quite possible to have a wrong opinion. Extolling that album of theirs over Pet Sounds and two or three others is an excellent example of that. "Johnny Carson" is ludicrously bad.

Re: harddrive. OMG. Just as I plan to purge myself of 1/4 to 1/3 of my CDs you tell me this? My God, have you tried to take it in to a computer place where they could retrieve your files? I know it can cost hundreds, but clearly worth it.

I do love the idea of a barn-raising to rebuild your collection. I'm happy to pitch in mine. And this week I'm getting the SECOND back up harddrive so I can have one in a separate location in case of fire or flood!