Friday, August 21, 2009


This "WEEKEND'S MIX" (which should have been last weekend's mix) was conceived and compiled (with a little help from me) by my friend Charlie Carr over at The Tenderfeet Times. Over to you, Charles.

"From the top: thanks, kudos and mad props to Sal for the collaborative nudge!

We were kicking around a Les Paul tribute/homage and to the amusement of, so far, only each other came up with this list. Gonna walk you through it, not in a didactic kind of way but more in a Groucho “Walk this way” kind of way.

Gaillard is simply a fun guy to listen to. Jive before there was jive. You probably know him best from “Flat Foot Floogie”. DiMeola lands here by virtue of his virtuosity and his allegiance to Les Paul (the guitar). Do I have to tell you that "I Feel Fine" is maybe the first use of guitar distortion on a rock and roll record?

"Maybe I’m Amazed" - the solo is one of my favorites. (and whatta cool picture!) Rundgren owes a lot to Les Paul’s pioneering work in the realm of multitracking. FZ? Tough for me to make a guitar mix and leave him out, plus Sal insisted. Current Les Paul technician Warren Haynes meets guitar god Eric Clapton and they both weigh in on Brother Duane. Beck sends us back into the jazz groove and, who better to take the baton than the earliest master of the instrument that Les would go on to perfect – Charlie Christian. And finally – Les Paul in fine form with the piece that came to be associated with him as a player."


How High The Moon- Slim Gaillard
Race With Devil On Spanish Highway - Al Di Meola
I Feel Fine (US VERSION)- Beatles
Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney
Lost Horizon - Todd Rundgren
Po-Jama People - Frank Zappa
Layla - The Allman Brothers Band w/ Eric Clapton
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Live from B.B. King's) - Jeff Beck
Rose Room - Charlie Christian
How High The Moon - Les Paul And Mary Ford



Gloria Mundi said...

Tres hip playlist -- thanks!

Noam Sane said...

Another audio lagniappe! Thanks guys.

Meanstreets said...

Thank you Charlie & Sal for this tribute....Earlier this evening, we were playin' Les Paul & Mary Ford...Sometimes, Burning Wood makes me feel very old until something like this is posted....
Thanks for not forgetting us oldtimers, I turn 55 tomorrow, no 54.......

geno said...

Another classic Sal's 'load- as always Tack! from Sweden.

And "grattis pÄ födelsedagen! to Meanstreets.
Keep turning back those hands of time.