Friday, September 25, 2009

"The Fifties" : THE WEEKEND MIX

This "Weekend Mix" was inpired by Nick Tosches and the film "Revolutionary Road."

Of course I can only imagine what it was like being in some smokey juke-joint, seedy dive bar, or though less romantic, some NYC theatre hosting a rock and roll show in the Fifties, when people like The Flamingos, The Ink Spots and Cecil Gant worked regularly. Nick Tosches'"Unsung Heroes Of Rock & Roll" does everything it can to pick you up and all but throw you into those scenes. It is essential reading, and my favorite book on rock and roll.

As for "Revolutionary Road," Sam Mendes uses The Ink Spots'"The Gypsy" so perfectly, I had decided right there and then, before the movie was over, that was I going to create a mix with that song somewhere in the playlist.

That's it, really. Some amazing songs that just sound great together.

Enjoy, please.


I Only Have Eyes For You- The Flamingos
What Time Is It- The Jive Five
The Gypsy- Ink Spots
Bad Boy- Jive Bombers
Trickle, Trickle- The VideoS
It's Too Soon To Know- The Orioles
Not Going To Cry- The 5 Royales
You- The Aquatones
A Casual Look- The Six Teens
Angel Baby- Rosie & The Originals
Look In My Eyes - The Chantels
We're Gonna Rock- Cecil Gant



geno said...

If there is one era of Rock that is overlooked by the casual listener it is the '50's.

It was The Flamingos, "I Only Have Eyes For You" that connected me to the lyric driven songs of my parent's favorites, especially Frank Sinatra.

For most of us teens, who came aware of music between Elvis and The Beatles, it was the BEAT that we attached to.

But that echo filled vocal resonated the feelings you get about a girl that you could never tell her face to face, but could tell her staring up at the stars, in front of your mirror, or on a stage at The Paramount. Are the stars out tonight? Who would know feeling the emotion that just dripped from that song.

After listening to this mix, if there is anything missing from today's songs, it's that simple emotion of boy meets girl and just falls like a ton of bricks. Nothing matters but THAT feeling. In the cartoons, the character would have hearts instead of eyeballs. We all had it once.

It's nice to re-touch it.

Anonymous said...

Nick Tosches is a little too in love with his image.

Jim Lakeside

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