Friday, September 11, 2009

"Toddities" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I thought I might as well finish the Todd Rundgren discussions with some of my favorite oddities.

As some of you may or may not know, the very first pressing of Todd's first solo album, "Runt" on the Ampex label had a slighty different tracklist than the album we've all come to know and love. Unfortunately, the only way to know this, was to actually see the vinyl and count the bands on each side. The common pressing had 6 songs on Side One and 4 songs on Side Two. But, a few lucky people had 7 on Side One and 5 on Side Two, and of those 12 songs, 3 were different than the final pressing.

Have I lost you?

The mix starts off with two of the three "Runt Early Vinyl" rarities, a full version of "Baby Let's Swing," which ended up as part of the medley, and an alternate version of "Hope I'm Around" which was eventually dropped and saved for the follow-up, "Ballad Of Todd Rundgren."

"Parallel Lines" is not the finished version found on 1989's underappreciated "Nearly Human" release, but the demo for the Joe Orton/Todd Rundgren Joe Papp production of "Up Against It."

"Don't Tie My Hands" is a late 80s re-record of another song from that "Runt" medley.

"Love Of The Common Man" is an uncommon, and superior live version of a very common live staple.

"Bluebird Is Dead" is from "Lynne Me Your Ears," a power pop tribute to Jeff Lynne and ELO.

"Pretending To Care" is a song that appeared on 1985's "A Cappella" release. It is soul-numbingly beautiful, and this version recorded live with The Ethel String Quartet just last year is particularly moving. You can hear the age in Todd's voice, which makes it all the more poignant.

Also included are various live covers, from as early as 1971 and spanning through 1991.

Finally, the very rare and very controversial "Jesse." Those under 16 years of age need not listen. Come to think of it, maybe a few over 21 may not dig it either.



Baby Let's Swing (Full Version)
Hope I'm Around (Different Version)
Don't Tie My Hands
Open My Eyes (live 8/23/75)
Ooh Baby Baby (live 6/30/71)
Hold Me Tight (live 6/30/71)
Bluebird Is Dead
Parallel Lines
Marvin Gaye Medley: What's Going On, Mercy Mercy ME, I Want You
Pretending To Care
Love Of The Common Man
96 Tears (live 11/16/79)



soundsource said...

Thanks for another great mix mr. wood but did you really have to scare the kids with that creepy picture of the Toddster

Noam Sane said...

Not only am I a huge Todd fan, but I'm about to hop in the car for a work-related 2-hour round trip. And now I have something cool to listen to. Thankyew!

misospecial said...

fabulous set, thanks sal!

i ended up with one of the rare runt pressings back in '71 and couldn't imagine how it had come to be.

i'm sure you've seen the vid of parallel lines from night music. what a song! and pretending to care is one of my all-time favorite todd ballads, both in the a cappella and ethel versions.