Friday, October 9, 2009


So, Dave...what's up?

I thought I'd cash in a few chips while the playing was hot. You know?

Back in the day of VCRs and DAT machines, I obsessively taped musical guests on late night TV, then transferred the audio onto a DAT (Digital Audio Tape.) I thought, back in 1994, that this was a fantastic idea, and that someday I would have amassed hours and hours of exclusive live music for...what? A blog, maybe? (It turned out to be just hours, not hours and the way.)

Here's a dozen of my fave live moments from David Letterman's first 2 years on CBS, with the exception of the XTC performance, which I believe is from 1989 and worthy of inclusion.

And for the curious, I think I still may have that cardboard cut out of myself.


Angels - David Byrne
Feelin' Alright - The Black Crowes
You Don't Know How It Feels - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
You're My Favorite Waste Of Time - Marshall Crenshaw
Bama Lama Bama Loo - Elvis Costello
Sick Of Myself - Matthew Sweet
Delia's Gone - Johnny Cash
King For A Day - XTC
Love Is The Drug - Bryan Ferry
I Count The Tears - Rosanne Cash
Crescent City - Emmylou Harris
This Is A Call - Foo Fighter



Anonymous said...

I thought that "Crescent City" by Emmylou Harris was a heartbreaking performance that night Sal, i was in a trance for 2 weeks after!

Billy the Cop

steve simels said...

I've got a VHS tape from the early 90s with some equally brilliant stuff I taped from all the late night shows in stereo. Big Star on Leno (w/the Posies) which seems to have vanished from the history books...One of these days I need to get it transferred.

But this stuff is great. Thanks, Sal!!!!

cmealha said...

The Black Crowes was the standout track for me. It shows all the promise that Chris Robinson's voice and the band's groove held. With a couple of exceptions I don't think they ever fulfilled that promise. I kept looking for the exceptions but finally tired out and gave up on them. Still think Chris has one of the best voices ever. You gave the new album a great review but honestly I haven't had the motivation to check it out so I'll just revel in this gem instead. Thanks

steve simels said...

Too bad the Petty track isn't the SNL show with Dave Grohl on drums. That was awesome -- he totally kicked the band into another dimension.

James F. said...

I LOVE stuff from Letterman or SNL, and for some reason you don't see them much on blogs... if you have more and can share, that would be AWESOME! Thanks Sal!