Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speaking Of Texas

I have had Delbert McClinton's new record, "Acquired Taste" since early summer and only just got around to giving it a spin. Nothing against Delbert, who has stayed true to his Texas roots and has been making solid music, with the occasional misfire since the early 60s. It was mostly producer Don Was' fault, who for the most part has produced some fantastic records, none of which is Bob Dylan's "Under A Red Sky" or anything by the Rolling Stones since 1989. I just saw his name on the credits and for some reason gave up immediately. (I really hated "A Bigger Bang," though AMG gave this Stones record 4 1/2 stars.)

Finally in the mood, I listened to "Acquired Taste," and man, is it a doozy, thanks to who else, Mr. Don Was. I just love when a record leaves you enough room to just get inside and feel everything. It's so important to understand the artist, and Don Was does, with production that is big but never too much. Delbert's voice is better than ever, and the band effortlessly wraps itself around a little over a baker's dozen worth of Texas funk, with a little bit of New Orleans R&B. But it's not all a party, as McCinton can really break a heart, and does so with class on "Never Saw It Comin'" and "Until Then."

Check out these two tracks, "Mama's Little Baby" & "Do It," then go buy "Acquired Taste" over HERE.


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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go out and buy this cd on friday since you recommend this Sal.

Rich Haupt