Friday, October 23, 2009

"Spectrum Night 3" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I couldn't decide on which of these four spectacular nights in Philly would make you the happiest. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 contain "Bobby Jean." Still, I'm quite sure this set will NOT disappoint.

Remember, oh impatient ones, it's a long show, so the zip file may take awhile.


And remember, Soupy.


When You Walk in the Room
Two Hearts
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Hungry Heart
Working on a Dream
Thunder Road
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (with Curt Ramm)
Born to Run
She's the One
Meeting Across the River (with Curt Ramm)
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
Raise Your Hand (with Curt Ramm)
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City
I Wanna Marry You
All Shook Up/Blue Suede Shoes
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
No Surrender
* * *
Land of Hope and Dreams
American Land (with Curt Ramm)
Bobby Jean
Dancing in the Dark
Rosalita (with Curt Ramm)
You Can't Sit Down



soundsource said...

who is curt ramm ?

Sal Nunziato said...

Trumpet player

soundsource said...

ty mr. wood, "layolayolayo"

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, i've been downloading this file for the last 2 hours, how long does it take to finish downloading?
Are the files corrupt? Please check them.

Wilko Stapleton

Sal Nunziato said...

The files are absolutely not corrupt. I just clicked on the zip file directly and the whole download took 4 minutes. All is fine.

Not sure what the problem is on your end. Slow internet connection maybe?

Sorry about this, but it's a-ok.

Does it pay to re-boot and start over?

steve simels said...

I know you posted this downstairs, but still.

Someone requested "She May Call You Up" by The Left Banke, which Thompson performs live often. He offered up some info that will forever haunt me. "I could play the whole Left Banke first album." WHEN?

Hole. E. Shit.

jon said...

night 3 looked fantastic, but nothing's made happier than this in weeks:

Meanstreets said...

Sal, I'm depressed, my Octoberfest beer is not cold enough, I can't take the weather, I HATE springstein, I'm worried bout' the Yanks....

I'm goin' to put on Charlie Louvin's " Murder Ballads & Disaster " Songs.....

It always makes me feel better....

jeff said...

regarding your comment elsewhere about bruce playing slow, you really hear it with "Two Hearts." You just want to scream, 'C'mon, pick it up."

jeff said...

and, omigosh, the same thing with thunder road. funny, it's the same thing in the last couple of tours with the rolling stones. I guess it's the lot of aging rockers.

Meanstreets said...

Sal, my depression has broken, I played Neil Young's great CD " Tonights The Night "....

I'm back !!!! & OK.....