Friday, November 20, 2009

"Alternates For Bill" : THE WEEKEND MIX

"Sal, with all the Deluxe packaging these days, will you please do a weekend mix of your all-time top 20 favorite alternate mixes?

Sure Bill. How about 14? And what if they aren't my all time favorites, but at least alternates I really like...a lot? (Most of'em, anyway.)

It's not often I get requests that I want to honor or am able to do physically. So Bill, this one's for you.


Grapevine (Remix) Gladys Knight & The Pips
(This Questlove remix of the Motown classic couldn't be any funkier. I actually play this one and like this one more than the original.)

Such A Night (False Starts) - Elvis Presley
(I'm pretty sure I first heard this on Scott Muni's show long before outtakes and studio chatter became commonplace on reissues. Love hearing him instruct the band. Still a Top 5 Elvis song for me.)

You're So Good To Me (New Stereo Mix) - The Beach Boys

(Self-explanatory really. Just a big, bright, new stereo mix of a Beach Boys classic.)

Baby Blue (Single Mix) - Badfinger

(Todd Rundgren's production gets a bigger drum sound for the single mix.)

Dear God (Band Demo) - XTC
(Speaking of Todd, this is the pre-Todd demo of the "Skylarking" hit." Doesn't sparkle like the finished version, but worthy of inclusion nonetheless.)

Walking In The Rain (Rare Stereo) - The Ronettes

(The super-rare, and "super-irior" stereo version)

It's Different For Girls - Joe Jackson & Elaine Caswell

(Found on the b-side of JJ's "Stranger Than Fiction" single, this acoustic piano duet is a killer and truly one of my all-time favorites "alternates.")

Twilight (Alternate) - The Band

(I think this alternate works much better than the steel-drum infected single version.)

You Can't Resist It (remix) - Lyle Lovett

(The drums get pumped up, the tambourine gets louder, and the overall feel of this remix makes the album version seem flat.)

Lady Stardust (Demo) - David Bowie

(A piano and a double-tracked Bowie vocal. That's it.)

Alison (US Single Version) - Elvis Costello
(I know many who hate this version, but I am a sucker for harmony and strings.)

Once In A Lifetime (Extended) - Talking Heads
(Longer? Yes. Better? Don't think so.)

Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix
(Longer? Yes. Better? HELL YEAH!!!)

Born To Run (Alternate) - Bruce Springsteen
(Interesting and maybe amazing. Decide for yourself on this one.)



See ya Monday with reviews of both Ray Davies and Roger Daltrey live (at least in Ray's case) in Times Square.


cmealha said...

Who's the guy in the upper left of the picture? Is that a Pip?

Sal Nunziato said...

That's Questlove from The Roots.

Anonymous said...

Sal, you should be putting compilations together for what's left of the majors.

Gene Friars

soundsource said...

that's all you need another dead end career move, lol.

Meanstreets said...

Sal, I give a big enthusiastic thumbs - up to Dylan's " Christmas In The Heart ".

Merry Christmas Bob, & to all the loyal Burning Wood loyalists...
And to you Sal....even though I am required to correct your missteps.


The Phantom Creep said...

The Grapevine mix is fricking great....Thanks!

cmealha said...

Re: Questlove from the Roots
I've been pondering your response for days and have a question. Why?

Sal Nunziato said...


Well, a bunch of artists were given access to the master tapes in Motown's vaults, so that they could create new modern remixes that would be more accessible to the boneheaded 17 year olds who are too dense to simply appreciate Motown for Motown. Questlove, one of the most respected and talented drummers and producers in the hip hop community got hold of "Grapevine" and it KICKS ASS!

cmealha said...

I should read more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic compilation and many thanks. Really enjoying Grapevine, Ronettes and Elvis as didn't expect to. Also pleased that about 30%+ of list I'm not even familiar with the original (must have misplaced my JJ b-sides) get to enjoy as new. Cool of you to include the rationale for each inclusion. The cover works as well - must have taken a minute to put together.

Thanks! Burning Wood rules!

ps How are the Cowsill bonus tracks?