Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Holiday Story

Here is Paul Leary, guitarist of the Butthole Surfers, explaining the origin of the band's name:

"Well, we started out being called Nine Foot Worm Makes Own Food, and we were like---no, I'm sorry, it gets complicated. We started out as the Dick Clark Five in San Antonio. We had this deal about wanting to change the name of the band for every show we did, so the next show we were the Dick Gas Five, and then we were Nine Foot Worm Makes Own Food. Then we were Vodka Family Winstons, and we were Abe Lincoln's Bush. Then we were The Inalienable Right To Eat Fred Astaire's Asshole, and then the next show we were just plain Right To Eat Fred Astaire's Asshole. Then one night we were playing as something really ridiculous, I think it was Independent Worm Saloon. We had a song that Gibby (Haynes, the singer) wrote called 'Butthole Surfer,' and we were getting ready to play, and some guy got up and introduced us as the Butthole Surfers. At the end of the night we got paid a hundred and fifty bucks, so we thought we were going to get rich, and we stuck with that name, and well, here we are."

(Taken from "Rock Names: From ABBA To ZZ TOP" by Adam Dolgins.)



Anonymous said...

Some of your best work here, Sal.

Frankie Bacabella

Anonymous said...

not to be a perishing little nitpicker, but isn't the guy's name Paul LEARY?

Sal Nunziato said...


Anonymous said...

you're welcome.

and for the record i really miss NYCD. i bought out the byrds collection when i lived at 83 & columbus.