Thursday, November 5, 2009

When The Battle Is Over

My long weekend in New Orleans has left me a bit out of sorts. Not posting the beloved Tuesday round-up was only the cherry on a string of days that I had trouble...uh...stringing together. My first thoughts this morning were to post something celebratory. The Yankees DID win the World Series. That's great news, right? (Unless you're a Phillies fan, or a Mets fan, or a baseball fan...I guess.)

Another idea was to riff on Delaney & Bonnie's "When The Battle Is Over," a song I started to love much later in life. It had been used over the closing credits of a Sopranos episode and I believe that was the first time I actually heard it. I found a great promo 45 at Jim Russell's in New Orleans and I felt inspired to share that story with a few versions of the song. But, I'm not loving that idea either. I've hit a wall and I'm thinking I need to regroup in time for the "Weekend Mix." Please have patience.

Until then, here is a funky version of "When The Battle Is Over" by a band called Joint Venture, a band I know absolutely nothing about. I found this on a British box set called "Royal Memphis Soul," and just maybe the Hi-Rhythm Section has something to do with it. Any ideas? (about the song, not my lack of inspiration. I'll figure that one out myself)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your bad week Sal.
Congrats to the Yanks, i'm an old Expos fan.
Keep doing what you're doing.

Benny Madison

Steven said...

this is the first i'm hearing about your bad week...i was under the impression it was just ok...maybe slightly disappointing...but BAD...nope, i had no idea...anyway, i've got a rare 45 of when the battle is over by bad medicine with some female vocalist by the name of michelle (no, i can't remember her last name)...which version did they play on the sopranos--delaney and bonnie or aretha?...steven