Friday, January 22, 2010


As requested---by someone who occasionally makes my blood boil and whose comments on these here pages often border on dangerous and psychotic---here is a wonderfully fat sounding recording of Los Lobos' early set from the City Winery on New Year's Eve of 2009.


1. intro
2. Down On The Riverbed
3. Evangeline
4. Chuco's Cumbia
5. The Valley
6. Up The Line (aka "Little Walter")
7. banter - intro to...
8. I Wanna Be Like You
9. Ooh My Head
10. Dream In Blue
11. Maricela
12. tuning/banter - New York on New Years Eve
13. Kiko And The Lavender Moon
14. Let's Say Goodnight
15. Volver Volver
16. banter - dedication to Livingston Leo
17. Georgia Slop
18. Don't Worry Baby ->
19. Not Fade Away ->
20. Bertha
21. encore break/tuning
22. La Bamba ->
23. Good Lovin' ->
24. La Bamba
25. thanks

Many thanks to Scott Bernstein for the recording.




DeepKarma said...

Referencing back to the crappy band discussion from the other day, only in their wildest dreams could Los Lonely Boys hope to be a dust mote on this band's lapels. Sometimes, imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery. Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks Sal!

Matt said...

Hey Sal,
Speaking of City Winery...Bob Mould is playing there this Friday (tonight) & tomorrow. This is a guy I have been meaning to catch for years. His Electronica drives me nuts, but he has put out some great stuff over the years. Worthy of a "greatest hits" type of package. Any thoughts on Mr. Mould?

Sal Nunziato said...

My sentiments exactly, Deep and Matt. And yes Matt, Mould's last 2 records been great. Jon Auer as an opener is a real treat, too!

Meanstreets said...

Long Live " Los Lobos ".....thanks Sal...

Someone you believe is " dangerous & psychotic " should not be part of our little " Burning Wood " family....

There are many internet " wackos "
out there Sal, I will help monitor your site to " smoke " them out...

You can count on me....

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Meanstreets! I know you've got my back. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jeez , I thought the dangerous & psychotic person you were talking about WAS Meanstreets. If he's got your back ,who's got ours ???

misospecial said...

hey sal—tried to download the zip, same as always, but the download stalled. now the zip won't load, despite doing a restart. thoughts? i wants the los lobos!

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Miso,
I never know what to say when the problems are arbitrary. I know the files work, and have already gotten word from others that they are enjoying the music. Plesase don't give up. Experience says the file is already downloaded and on your HD somewhere.

Meanstreets said...

Reminder, for my fellow Los Lobos brothers out there...David Hidaldo & Louie Perez a/k/a The Latin as highlighted on Burning Wood's new release blog this past week..

And Hidalgo adds so much to Dylan's recent releases.

Sal, did you hear me in the audience at the Los Lobos show ?

Sal Nunziato said...

I did, Meanstreets. You were all the way on the "right." :)

misospecial said...

got it (and smotherman as well)! thanks, sal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new year's eve lobos show. We saw them new year's eve 08 in tucson. They're great guys and on any night, quite possibly the best band on the planet!

thanks, mike

charlie c. said...

Thanks for the mix!
Danger & psychosis are nothing to sneeze at!
Beleive you me . . .